I think I'm addicted to slow shipping...

It may sound strange, but it just came to me like a shock that since my last package from manafont finally arrived, for the first time in over a year there is nothing on the way to me right now! So no more exitement when coming home if one of the mysterious yellow envelopes arrived... I think I'm in Hong Kong Post withdrawal!

How about you? Do you get a thrill out of the posting lottery or is it just plainly annoying for you?

I gott say, yes. I've come to feel the same way, but haven't thought about it up till now. lol

If it wasn't for SLOW shipping from Anywhere, (stuff from the US takes the longest), then I would be many time poorer. I now have at least one or two torches in the mail, constantly. Not long after I receive stuff, if not before, I would have bought more stuff!

Pretty much the same thing in here as OP...

Nahhh.. I get too anxious and after all the research I've done (and I do a lot for practically everything I buy) so once I hit that submit button I want it asap! If I wait too long it kills the buzz.

Now, on a somewhat similar note, I enjoy the anticipation of researching and finding the right product for the right price. That's probably my addiction.

I’m exactly where you are today. My last Manafont order arrived a few days ago and I have nothing in the pipeline. Its been a while since that has happened. It will all change though because I’m ordering from everyone today. I have made some really decent progress lately in my modding/fixing skills so I’m ordering all kinds of parts for my ever-growing collection of disabled lights and some p60 building supplies. Lots of small packages from lots of vendors. Back in the saddle.

Just counting... I have one host for me, and....:

2 sets of 2x18650, 2 504b flashlights, 3 XM-L -bike lights, some 5mm led´s, car interior led-bulb, replacement Sipik or two for me to replace a sold one, one Xtar WP2 II, sack of CR2016´s onboard of the slow boat! Most to my work buddies.

Last week I got some batts, more batts, supplements etc. stuff.

Still should buy thermal paste.

Only thing in the queue just now is a dog toy.

Just had my first ever package from China opened by Customs. And a knife they called a flick knife confiscated by the UK Border Agency.


Thanks UK Border Agency. :(

It wouldn't be a surprise if I get some cops visiting me some time in the nearish future.

For me it depends on what I have coming. When I first started buying flashlights I hated the wait. Now I don't really "need" most items so the wait isn't too bad.

I'd still prefer that things came faster however.

The biggest change now is that if I really want something I don't order it from HK :) So the things that are coming from there are less urgent.

Nope, ain't got the patience. I can't stand waiting and life is too short to put up with it. I use proven U.S. sellers for mod parts that DON'T USE UPS!!


I have been getting stuff sent to me at work. I got three packages in a week and am starting to get strange looks.

Just don't go laughing out loud at the AA Maglite Incans they have on their belts.

But you can take the micky out of the UKBA if you want from my experience the Police don't think much of them.