I think it would make more sense......

Seemingly portable lights which IMO aren’t so portable.

Seeing all the uber hi-powered lights getting attention these daze I wonder if the ‘portability’ aspect of these designs needs sum common sense revisiting.

To wit, trying to cram together 8 x 26650’s into a supposed portable light that weighs like a cinder block IMO reaches a point of diminishing returns.

Why not just design a battery pack you connect to said behemoth light (really now only the head/switch) and now you have a much lighter system at the light business end coupled with a remote battery pack that is easily connectable but also affords various designs of lights/heads flexibility? You could power all sorts of different head designs/LEDs. Belts and holsters are a great way to carry heavy stuff like batteries around your body’s superior weight carrying areas. Your arms holding up a battery-laden beast get tired fast, man!

So you have a cable to deal with but look at the greater flexibility you gain instead of a set number of batteries locked into a connected tube?

Seems like a no-brainer to me especially when you reach dimensions/weight of let’s say a BLF GT. Not that the BLF GT is a bad design mind you it’s just that having a remote battery pack as a concept also translates potentially into being able to plug in said behemoth light head remotely into a cigarette lighter, car battery booster, etc. What’s not to like? Plus one could also design that same head with the ability to run off a threaded in standard battery tube if so desired. So I’m kinda surprised this idear hasn’t been played with much here.

Essentially if you can design a light with a USB charge port then why not also design a light that has a remote battery pack option to boot?

Nowadays they sell for instance relatively inexpensive compact 12v lithium car battery boosters that could be adapted as a remote flashlight battery pack leaving only the head to deal with.

I just might buy such an ingenious system.


(Not that I’m a genius mind you. I just sumtimes talk like one. :laughing: )

Sounds very interesting. Hope will see soething like this one day.

So there are TWO geniuses here today? This is getting crowded around here with these types. :open_mouth:

Btw, I should also clarify that one could design a behemoth light just the way they are now with the battery tube attached but now also allow the removal of batteries for remote battery pack usage. This way obviously you have the best of worlds with a vastly lighter system that still retains those Grab n’ Go advantages coupled with a now empty battery tube that retains the handy handle/club aspects of self-contained units.

What light are you talking about here? Because I don’t see many lights, or much demand for lights larger than 4 18650 or 2 26650 cells. There are a couple that come to mind with twice that, but I’ve never seen anything approaching 8 26650s.

Well I exaggerated there. But the idear there remains. Being that 2 x 26650’s still weighs a lot when coupled with already big heads and leverage.

Besides, here’s the gist: why limit yourself to just 2 x 26650’s when you could have a remote battery pack that REALLY extends the operating time (and potential output) of that big headed monster throw beastie.

If you’re gonna go REAL BIG to start with why not match it up with an optional remote battery pack to begin with that can practically apply that inherent aspect to its full intended potential?

Now you also open up the range of other usable LEDS that demand greater volts/current into your design. Why limit yourself?

I would agree with you if I saw any practical application for lights that enormous, but to me it seems overkill. Even the BLF GT is about as large as we can expect to actually use, and it’s probably better with the cells on the unit.

  1. Less delicate wires and plugs to let water in
  2. The battery carrier helps offset the weight of the reflector
  3. It’s a lot easier to pick up a large flashlight and head out the door on a rescue/lookout than it is to put on your backpack flashlight
  4. The runtime is long enough as is, and I don’t hear people shouting for more

There are a few hunting lights with this kind of concept. A remote battery or cigarette lighter plug for vehicle use. Except they don’t have the option of a removable battery tube to use as a remote battery.

Some are hid and some led but most are quite light weight because they’re made of plastic which of course has no heatsinking ability to speak of.


Actually, this reminds me - the Sportac ZP10L9 does this as well.

“Actually, this reminds me – the Sportac ZP10L9 does this as well.”

Yeah that’s kinda the idear. But you could also keep a battery tube aspect to help counterbalance the head if needed.

I see that a remote power source option opens up a possible universe of more powerful LEDs plus there’s the in-vehicle 12v power potential there too to take advantage of.

I mean if you’re gonna go handheld huge then you might as well go Mad Max. :sunglasses: