I Think This Is So Cool

Wonder if a guy could buy this and make some money off of it?


That is amazing! What an awesome desk. It'd make a great curio cabinet.

Edit: Just read the site page...I guess it is a curio cabinet and not a desk. Would make a fantastic liquor cabinet too. The pullout fooled me. Whatever it is it's cool.

My lights sure would look great in that but I'm sure the little lady would have other ideas on what goes on its shelves.

It is not my taste no furniture, I like modern with simple lines things.

In my opinion most of these curio cabinets are way to classic for flashlights :p.

I bet old Captain Morgain and his friend Tanqueray would love to live there together with schnaps, Bailey & Rose's Lime!


I'll bet if the right person finds that it would make a guy some money.

I would also think that it's European in origin.

No this is a liquor curio. I just seen it under curios on Craigslist.

wow, so interestingļ¼Œ but I think it is a little expensive

Nothing can be too fine to store your lights in.

You make a little diorama, put some lights inside the house as house lights, and some lights outside for street lights, LOL.