I think you guys broke him.

I think you guys broke him.

BJflasher wrote:

I said I would not post on that thread (topic) or whatever you want to call it.

I am not posting on there.

I would rather work underground as you wankers do via PMs * that the *MASTERS can see anyhow.

PM, give me a break.

At “THE MASTERS” levels of access they can see or do whatever they please, nothing is “PRIVATE”.

I am looking at how foolish you guys look to anyone else inside or outside of this membership.

Outsiders cannot see my PMs but when you fools make jokes and carry this on, it not only makes you guys look like blubbering clowns. to outsiders but to other more responsible members who have already said “MOVE ON.”

Look up the word RESPONSIBLE in the Dictionary or ask RICK or DICK (take your pick) to do it for you* as you have very little schooling from what I can see of you clowns!

I am a “POET BUT DON’T KNOW IT” in the paragraph above.



I am going to bed now.

I will catch up on things in the morning to see if I have any interesting to look at on the other topics.

This really getting boring but you clowns talk about lights in your posts and then toss in the smart remarks in the same post, you look like complete idiots that will not let go of a bone!

Keep it going if you like.

CPF is looking smarter and less boring by the minute, the more I watch you poor guys that can’t afford “BIG BOYS FLASHLIGHTS!”

If that isn’t reason enough for an ‘ignore’ button, I don’t know what is.

me the rude deserves this i guess:

aww man. i am no homo.

I think tbh he got a raw deal (no pun intended sorry). Yeah, shouting around and kicking the furniture over is not the best way to introduce yourself, but the escalation could have been avoided, and given that none of this site is not public accessable, I feel that the best thing for the forum would have been that it was avoided.

I feel we as a forum let ourselves down. :frowning:

kreisler this might be one my favorite posts you have ever made…… lol

He should just fall off that rock he is on and hopefully keep playing with those “Big Boy” flashlights

Hmmmm, my pm was much more polite, guess you ticked him off kreisler…… :wink:

I’ve been abroad with no web access for 10 days. I have no idea what is happening. Well, actually, I can guess. :wink:

+1 :D

He tells other people to move on, but then PMs something like this? :o
Anyway, better to just forget.

looks like it. sorry for my only message in that thread; it was the last one before the thread got deleted. that was really out of line by me!! :X

[quote=kreisler (rude myself ;=)]

i find that rude.

i opine that all rude members should be ****ed.


The guy is a troll. He went bezerk because someone used the word “tacticool” in a post. For some reason, he decided it was directed at him or his friends but it wasn’t. After that, he just went nuts attacking everything and everyone. There were plenty of people willing to just it drop but he keeps going with the same behavior.

Anyone can have a bad day or make a mistake but it seems like this is just the way he acts. I felt sorry for him for a second but I am quicky growing tired of his attitude.

I think he broke himself, most threads die in a few days, a little patience and tolerance would have buried his rants and life goes on. Apologies are good, but empty words don’t get you far, apologizing but not learning is rather doomed to failure. BLF members could have seriously cut into this guy but didn’t, i know of more then a few forums that would have ended a lot worse.
A thick skin is a requirement for going to message forums, otherwise your better off lurking or avoiding them entirely, i get the impression he wants us to be 150% professional, robotic, no silliness, never off topic, prompt answering and thus no fun.

I understand why you say that, but i don’t agree, we can get a bit silly, but we not only fully admit it, but more then a few people didn’t return this guys attitude.

I didn’t even waste my time trying to keep up with all this mess.

I got better things to do than waste my time reading a soap opera.

I got a PM from him on the other side, but couldn’t be bothered to respond. For someone who wanted to draw a line under things, a little odd that he kept resurrecting it himself. As Horst says, how does he get on in real life?

True, but have a look through the lot, then think how it would appear to someone thinking of signing up, its not presenting us at our best imo. I can see why people carried on, and as you say, if it was pirate4x4 for example, the flaming would have stretched for 25 pages or more by now.

I guess I’m just more used to the conservative British 4x4 forum I’ve been on for a few years, where open flaming is just not tolerated, other than for spammers and serious wackos….

Your right, we could have been less OT, and what we see as harmless fun gets to somebody, but the difference is that we were rather obviously not going after him, nobody was saying to beat him to death with cake.

I want cake! 0:)

Don’t see the problem here . .

His idea of a good forum or BLF as is . . easy choice.

Can it be chocolate cheese kacke? :bigsmile:

I did think a bit before allowing that out, I could be taken both ways. :bigsmile:

I think he was already broken.