I want a 26650 Palight

I am having a hard time finding these off ebay. I ordered one from Wallbuys but it was sold out?? Anybody have a good source on these?

Which model?? edit... I guess your looking for another H900: try here, here, here, here, here - don't trust them if it says "in Stock"

all the rest is other Palight models...

Is this what your looking for? CN - this kit includes low capacity 26650 cell - best to buy your own KingKong 26650

or: search Palight 26650 on CN

I think everything on CN is also on FancyFlashlights (search Palight 26650 on FF)

may cost more on FF, but free shipping.

EasyLight (search results) - I've found best deals from these guys on certain lights. Free S&H.

on DX (search results)

on Banggood ("Palight" search)

This one is nice...

Says to be neutral white as well.

Use coupon to get around $27

Have you tried aliexpress?

I have tried ordering from banggood but both Palights seem to be sold out. They are supposed to be back in stock on the second of Jan. For some reason I doubt that. I will wait and see if i win a coupon code from CNQG . I can get one there!


Here is the XM-L2 version…

I might take a chance on this one.

that’s a different model…I like the other one better…

Asbsolutely beauthiful light, lubed threads, excellent machining. Comes with a cheap 3 aa adapter, and a hugely thick 18650 adapter, but I have no trouble putting in a 26650 Powerizer, needs an adapter for a 26650 but easily found in PVC tubing. Use code, and be careful picking emitters/modes, kind of jumps around in prices and emitters.

What do you like better about it? The tint? I’m no fan of warm tints.

I updated the post with pictures of both lights… I just like the overall looks of the first one better, not talking about tints, modes,…Just looks.and that is very personal of course… it didn’t add anything to the thread, that’s true, sorry :wink:

Now that you show them side by side, I agree. The first is nicer. I’m just curious as to the mode operation. Anyone know if you have to cycle through modes? And I heard this driver whines in every mode.

There are reviews on both, both have strange mode sets....

yeah palight have a strange modes on their light
Hi-Med-Lo-Strobe-Turbo-SOS :stuck_out_tongue:

I ordered this one. I have ordered from these people before, during the Chinese battery shortage of 2013. They were genuine batteries and shipping out of India seems more reliable!

If BG or WB gets them back in stock, I just might order the other one next payday. I like the idea of 1 x26650 lights.

Thanks again!

Saw the 1 or 2 battery version on sale somewhere for $40 even, can’t remember where it was and can’t find it now.

Edit: found it, lightscastle.

Thats a good deal for a triple. I have the TF TR3-T6 so not really ready for another one.