I want an STL-V2/V6 thrower. Which one?

I read that some of them aren’t bright anymore since the 5 mode only change. I see prices all over the place on them. I could grab this for $28 and free shipping http://www.lightscastle.com/product/fandyfire-stl-v6-cree-xm-lt6-2-mode-1000-lumen-white-led-flashlight-2x18650-3x16340-3x123a-130015 but I’m not sure if it’s a good one. This one says 3/5 mode switching, but who knows what they’ll send me. http://www.aliexpress.com/item/HOT-SALE-BEST-Sky-Ray-STL-V2-Cree-XML-T6-1000-Lumen-3-Mode-Led-Flashlight/1184546738.html

- Joe

Last I read they don’t make “the good one” anymore. I may be wrong though.

what’s the good one? I bought STL-V6 awhile ago… and it was visibly brighter ( according to light meter too )
against stock lights such Smallsun ZY-T08 , UniqueFire XS6 or Smallsun T13 is that mean I have the good one? :smiley: it has 3 mode

Bought one for my dad last summer from FT, very nice fit and finish. It is the 5-mode only (single mode group) and it smokes a stock ZY-T08.

I just got the 3-Mode? From Lightscastle linked in the original post for $28.10 out the door using a code for 5% off. I had read this thread: Poorly performing FandyFire STL-V6 and was worried the newer ones were junk. But for the price I paid I figure it is worth the risk. The only review on there for it the guy says he got a 5 mode in December so I don’t have my hopes up too high.

- Joe

Ordered one from lightcastle a few weeks back and will compare it to my other Skyray/Fandyfire slt-v2/v6 when it arrives.