I want to get the most out of a 3D Maglite - on Alkalines

Pretty much all in the topic.. I want to build a light for a friend of mine, on a budget of course.

3D Mag available, Alkalines only. Should be very bright to disturb attackers (so no memory, always starting on high) but other modes would be cool.

What would be best for that?

Thanks :)

How about a XP-G2 direct drive along with a 50mm aspheric lens?

That doesnt sound like a useful flashlight but more like an oversized laserpointer. :P

Well, I guess if you want to "disturb attackers" a nice 100mw greenie could work fairly well...

kaidomain’s V2 drivers have the option of memory or not and have the option of High being the first level. You’ll need to find it but, I remember there is a version with 50mA as low instead of the 3-5mA of the linked driver.
Ask around for a heatsink. H22A doesn’t sell them singly from what I know.

KD V2 driver also came to my mind but something like that with DD would be better because 3 Alkalines wont have a high voltage anyways.

scaru it should still be usable for daily tasks. ;)

My friend usually spends some time of the year in the northern part of Africa. Sometimes people jump in front of your car and such, so its more a low-distance thing..

I was thinking of an XML.. or a 7XPG module. I'm note sure what would be better. Price-wise would be about the same. I can get a heatsink machined at no cost.


I built a 3D mag mod for a friend using a single XM-L U2 on a heatsink driven with DX SKU 25505. Only one mode but very bright on alkalines and decent run time. Output will fade as battery voltage drops.


If you want to get the most of Alkalines, you could use the FMT driver, designed to power laser diodes.

Not only is it very stable with low ripple, it also is a buck/boost driver so it can suck out the last drops of juice out of the alkalines, which do sag a lot under current.

No modes though.

If you want a floody light, for closer work (50 yards or less), This reflector in a Mag is about as floody as it gets. If you want fairly good hot spot (up to 75 yards), but still have a wide spill, this reflector is good.

DD for 3 D sized Alkalines? Well, don't be surprised on DD that the led turns blue and does not last long. Say what you want about Alkalines being "so weak", but a D Alkaline has a lot more juice than you give it credit for. Enough that fresh ones will kill an XM-L.

Use one of the 8x7135 drivers, like the KD v2 and remove the diode for reverse current protection (the one right next to the led+ terminal) and you can get to 2.7v that way. At least it will drain the Alkalines a little more and still have modes. On medium that thing should last a long time with an XM-L.

Thanks for all the input. I'm gonna have to determine if flood or throw is priority.

I couldnt imagine that Alkalines could kill an XML.. but I guess you have first-hand experience. :D

I also thought about using this:


Because it is a lot more efficient than a single XML.

That would be my choice.