I Wanted To Brag On The 18650 Trustfire Flames 2400MAH

I just got done doing a test with my Keygos 6X CREE XR-E Q5 LED 1600 Lumens flashlight. Now before I continue and get ripped about this light not being a 1600 lumen legit light, I will say now that is what the manufacture rated it at and not me. I just know it's brighter than heck. One of the brightest lights I have right now. Here's a link to what it looks like.


I have the extra tube extension added and ran 3 of the 18650 Trustfire flames for right at 1 hr and 15 min on high and it was still going very strong when I shut it down because the head was getting really hot. But I have no doubt it could have went a lot longer. But these Trustfire Flames are very good batteries. That impressed me compared to the old red cheap Ultrafire batteries I used to run in it. So I thought I would share my thoughts with you guys and complement this brand of battery.

Nice! You are probably Ebays #1 customer.

Thanks. I will admit that ebay likes me.

Definitely. Im also been active shopping on ebay as i got a lot of great deals from them, far better than online stores. You just have to pick the right product from a good seller.

That light is expensive at that seller ($41). Was as low as 34.