I was hiking in Sweden...

… and passed this lake

I found a hint…

I got curious…

and looked inside the pipe…

…but unfortunately there was no flashlight for me inside :disappointed:

Now I want to know: Who has my flashlight?! :laughing: :smiling_imp: :laughing:

Ha, nice!!!

Not me! :innocent:

Hehe, if I come across one of those I might actually put a light in there :slight_smile:

Bildleverantörernas förening – BLF – är branschorganisationen
för dig som arbetar professionellt med bild, film eller video.

That is awesome.

But wait, Ohhhh No,
sb56637 you better beware, the

“image suppliers’ association - BLF - is the industry organization
for you who work professionally with image, film or video.”

may have a Patent and the usual gang of amateur Internet Lawyers group is going to now tell us all every facet of the law that may have been infringed upon.

Haha nice, gave me a chuckle :+1: