I would like my Fandyfire STL-V6 to have a Red Led

As above would i be able to have the Red Led and still have the same throw,what would it cost,are there any UK members on BLF that would be able to do this, yours hopefully Kev

Apologies if this is in the wrong place

maybe try to PM user Gords1001 if you are looking to have someone mod it for you

Kev1, Did you ever get something worked out to use a red led?

he already did, I’m unaware of a red xm-l, the driver would probably need the output dropping for the new emitter, the emitter would have to be reflowed onto the stl-v6 star, , I’m unconvinced throw would not be lost in this case.

I’m all ears for solutions tbh.

I would guess the stl-v6 has a special star by you saying that it would have to re-flowed on to the existing board. That would be more difficult and I am pretty sure that you can not re-flow a xpe type emitter on a xml star.

yeah, the head is relatively hollow and the “star” is actually a fairly thick 30 - 40 ish mm alu disk that is screwed down to the head, a swap to xre/xpe would not be easy.

Well I guess you could put a copper disc and then mount a star to it. Sounds fun! Be a good challenge for someone like you gords. Been thinking bout maybe doing a mod using one of those big reflectored light.

I’ve not seen inside a stl-v6 to know exactly what the mcpcb is like, but gords mentioned that it was about 40mm in diameter. I was wondering if this would make for an easier modification to a single xpe:


There are solder pads for an led right in the middle. :slight_smile:

problem is knowing exactly how wide it is, I’d have to strip mine to measure.

it is possible to turn an aluminium disk with a recess to mount an xre sinkpad at the correct height. but whats the correct height for a red xre in an xm-l reflector to give correct focus?