I3S EOS Lost!

I went to use my Olight I3S EOS and there hanging from my keyring is just the chain! It looks like the triangular piece that attaches the chain to the light gave way. I’m not a happy camper. I really liked that light. :frowning:

Sad to hear!
I hope you’ll be able to get it back!

On my q5 iTp a3 ver I stupidly trirled it around on low watching the PWM strobe.

After several brain-dead attempts, it broke at the ring next to the light.
I’m a bit more careful with my r5.

Your issue has me thinking bout upgrading the ring.

Wow, how unfortunate. :frowning: It might be worth writing to Olight about the failure.

next time try eagletac. its titanium :love:

i have my mobile number and first name laser engraved on my edc just incase this happens and hopefully if i lose it someone will be honest and give me a call to return it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the sympathy everyone. I know it’s not a big deal, but I lost one of my favorite lights over a five cent part. The next one I think I’ll replace with a split ring instead. Much less chance of that coming apart.

I found it! :bigsmile: It fell off inside the car and got kicked up next to the seat.

You’re lucky you found it yourself; otherwise some other lucky person could have gotten a nice flashlight.

I’ve got one on order. I’m going to have to check mine out; probably replace the chain and just attach a split ring onto it.

where possible I have been using paracord (attached to a decent ring on the flashlight body)instead of the chain… or use a beefy ring directly on to main key ring…

glad you found your light though… i hate losing things… :wink:

Glad you found it. I just saw these for sale at FastTech. The triangle bit does look a bit flimsy though.

Lol I always remove the stock keychains and rings, if something brakes then its normally these little wire ring…
Just pull on a new light if it brakes replace the keyring.
I have added a keyring from a fishermans shop to the lights I gifted away( e.g. BLF mini) it withstands 45kg…