Icon Rogue 1 $18 shipped - US only

Not the brightest light around but generally considered to be of very good quality with great regulation. The design is odd, but this is probably the best color you can get it in.


This is a good deal on a gift light. It's very practically on Alkaline batteries, same output as enerloops, so very good for normal people.

Not as dim as the specs might suggest. Almost all AA lights, esp chinese ones are <100lm.

This light has a weird (I think nice) feature where it automatically dims if you have it on for long, >10min, on high.

Well designed, not like cheapo $10 light. I would recommend at $18 over the $12 romisen g2.

I have the Rogue 2 and it's an O.K. light. The build quality seems solid, good threads, and a responsive clicky. The problem i have with mine, it has terrible battery rattle. I am using alkaline AAs and I can hear the batteries rattling in the light anytime i shake it. I only paid $18.99 for it so it's pretty good at that price, but at the $35+ price i see it listed at, i would be very disappointed.