Ideas for a Uniquefire flashlight

I was just talking with my contact at Uniquefire, and she informed me they just received some 78mm aspheric lens. They don’t have a flashlight design planned yet, and she wanted me to get some input from you all. What would you like to see with a lens this size? Mind you, we are only giving input and there is no guarantee that the light will be made to our specifications or even made at all. She is not looking for ideas for LED’s or drivers. She wants battery configuration, physical appearance, etc.

reserved for possible updates, etc.

How nice that they like to have input from us, and thanks again n10sivern for being the contact man for this :-)

That lens will offer 35% more throw than the (67mm) UF-1405 lens, so about 550kcd could be achieved with common modding (without Wavien collars and such).

I'm not sure if that minor improvement justifies an even bigger flashlight than the UF-1405, the throws goes up with the square of the lens diameter, but the volume/weight goes up with the diameter to the third power, if this one will be build the same as the 1405, it will be 60% bigger/heavier!

But if Uniquefire could build it lean it will be very popular I guess, so 1xli-ion (preferably even 18650) without big chunks of aluminium. And if they are at designing a new flashlight anyway, have them make the zooming threading much more 'vertical' , like camera lenses, so that in one twist you are from flood to zoom.

Hmm, it will be ugly like this, I guess, huge head with tiny battery tube

A much thinner focus ring. Ability to take several 18650 in parallel, maybe 3? I feel like it needs the big battery pack to try and balance out the huge head it would have.

My thought is that it’s gonna be ridiculously huge and heavy no matter what. Might as well go with it. Make the pill area thick so it can transfer heat. Maybe a 3P or 4P batteries side by side. Kind of like an aspherical SRK or UF-DT05. I agree with having the zoom threads where it doesn’t take 15 turns to go from zoom to flood. Imagine a SST-90 in there! Also, maybe have a detachable handle that attaches to the body. Like the picture of the UF-DT05 below, but to the body and not the head.

That is only considering dimensions, an aspheric will have one single-die led (XM-L2 probably) that can easily be driven by one 18650, 2 the most. And an aspheric is mostly about performance, runtime is usually not what an aspheric is about (IMHO of course).

How about this form factor?, to avoid a pathetic thin battery tube:

A 78mm lens is so wide that you can place a 18650 battery (or 2 in parallel) flat behind it. Add a handle and it is useful, good-looking and different from what is out there already

Yeah an possible even bigger Uniquefire :slight_smile: just what i asked for early in the GB thread.

I want it slim, i don’t care that it would look strange, i am only going to use it at dark anyway :wink:

And i really hesitate to say this because it is probably way to true, if they want to keep selling a bunch of similar but increasingly larger lens flashlights to us, they most likely can, just keep increasing the size of the lens and sell it for reasonably cheap like between 20$ & 40$, and at least i will come back and pick up them all until they run out off bigger lenses to sell :smiley:
And i gather that would be around 110mm.

I don’t really think we can ask for a radical redesign of how there aspheric lights usually look, especially not one with a lot of extra metal like your suggestion n10sivern, it would just raise the price way to much on an niche light like these are, but i would be glad to be proven wrong on this of course :slight_smile:

I say i hope they do it like the 1405 & 1504 with single & 2 batteries but of course the 1604 & 1605, instead for the bigger lens & hopefully much slimmer handle without that crazy fat ring on it.
And something i would really like is a much larger mcpcb size, in at least 20mm but even better is the 26mm or 32mm size. Maxtoch & Noctigon have really good mcpcb’s in that size & it would make it so much easier to fit a collar/RA there.

78mm aspheric lens would look like my Wolf Eyes Seal hunter light, I wish they make it for 2 batteries configuration

Maybe make it hold 3 batteries like the Courui or 4 cells. Put a removable handle on it. Have a side switch and rear switch for lock out. Basically a Supfire M6 with a Zoomie head. No need for a pill if the LED is sitting on a shelf.

If they want to spice it up. Have a camera motor on there with button controls if you want it more fancy and less Spartan.

I could go for a Wolf Eyes Seal Hunter design. Maybe with a 2 piece tube so it could be 1S or 2S.

Nah, the Wolf Eyes is extremely ugly

Yeah that’s pretty much what you described in your first post. Big head, skinny tube. I feel dirty after just typing that.

3-4S cell setup with a decent direct drive driver, or 2s3p with a driver capable of being resistor modded to 7 amps, or set up with the contact plate separate from the driver so replacement of the driver would be easy. XM-L2 U2 or higher, square cut threads, 1-2 rotations to travel the full focal length. No giant nubs, little ones would be fine. Brass pill with lots of contact to the body.

Price for all of the above, below $70. I’m trying to be realistic and optimistic at the same time.

Handheld, focusing lantern was my immediate thought, and djozz had already posted the idea:

I like that WOLF-EYES Seal Hunter look, please please make them do it similar to that :wink:

Slim & fat in all the right places :smiley:

To bad the wolf eyes cost $150, if the Uniquefire decide to not do the 78mm one, please try to do a GB on that for some more sane prices.

I don’t know that wolf eyes will lower their price much.

Definitely a headlight J)

Yep. I’d still be ok with a 26650 tube, mainly for aesthetics but also runtime. Just tell them if they do a 2-piece tube they only have to make one light instead of two and they can charge slightly more for it. If they make the tubes slightly thinner it will save them material costs and help keep the weight down.

That, plus the better zoom threading and smaller nubs. Also, get rid of the tall pill shoulders and add a side clicky.

I think the ‘normal’ form factor is more useful than a lantern style when throw is the main goal.

Make the pill larger so large buck drivers can be used. More battery capacity just in case you would want to run a battery hogg like the SBT-70. Bigger tube for 32650.