Ideas for a Uniquefire flashlight

What about 4 cells, 2S4P in that format for MTG2 option not just XML2?

Id like to see something with a soda can design, 3 or 4 x18650.

Maybe the easy ability to swap between series and parallel configuration for more driver options.

Gray. I like gray anodized lights. Blue boots ta boot

Side clicky, not a momentary tactile switch like most side switch lights

Aggressive knurling that sticks to your hand like velcro

Supfire M6 battery tube with enough room to fit 1x26650 in the center.
4mm+ thick Integrated LED shelf
Side switch (momentary preferred, latching clicky okay)
Flat Black or Gray Anodizing
A rough idea of the form factor courtesy of Old Lumens…

I also like djozz’s idea. Very Unique indeed. :smiley:

Many of you want a thick soda can style aspheric light, but do you really want to pay for the double or triple or more cost for it. I know i don’t.

Bigger stock aluminium cost more than thin one. + the bigger lens.

The UF-1504 cost in bulk $15, with shipping we get it for $23-$25.

Do you/we really want to pay several times that?

I want maximum throw for lowest amount of $ :wink:

Why build a light this big (as dictated by the 78mm lens) and then gimp it with the inability to fully utilize the capability of the higher Vf emitters we’re dealing with now. I’m not too disappointed with that problem in the 1504 because I want it to be more portable than I’d expect a 78mm aspheric to be. When you start carrying something with a head that big, portability is obviously not a primary concern.

This is still for a single emitter, a slim 1-2 battery tube for 18650 or 26500 should be plenty, that is what we had before with the 1504 & 1405 & that was OK.

Many of us are running triples & quads on a single 18650 all the time.

I really don’t get what’s the big deal about moving up a size, and suddenly all want a massive big chunk of metal with many battery’s to carry around & pay $50-$70 for it at least.

And if my batteries run down i just pop in fresh ones.

We don’t get more throw by having lots of extra batteries in a single emitter light, but we get sustained throw for longer for a much higher cost in both batteries & light.

My eyes are not looking to stare at a spot as far as 550kcd away for very long, what do you guys plan to do with these lights that it needs so much battery power and sustained throw capacity?

The point would be to be able to get the most possible out of the light and not have it massively unbalanced. Different strokes for different folks though, I can understand why people want something thinner.

As for triples on a single battery, you’re going to have 1/3 of the effective Vf, so yes it is capable of drawing lots of current from a single battery.

More correct is: you have one-third of the total current going into each led, a low current gives a low Vf (but not one-third of course) so a triple can draw more current from a single li-ion battery.

They are asking for design input from us over here, so I would not hesitate suggesting radial different designs. It is for them over at Uniquefire to consider if an idea is too wild, we should not already do that for them. It is not that what I or others suggest is something overly expensive to make or out of reach of their skills.

I suppose the proper way for me to have stated it is that the resistance in the load is 1/3 of a single LED so if the rest of the circuit is capable it will draw 3x the current from a battery as a single LED.


An option for the budget minded folks can be this…

How about just a turbo head for the 1504?

It would be brilliant to make a head with “standard” threads that could take a variety of body/battery tubes.

Or, since there are “so many standards” for body tube threads, to make adapters (like the many variations on camera body/lens adapters, to attach one to another)

X2, like a “Big head” version of the UF-1405.

And I have always liked the multi-piece tubes, could even go 1-3 cell like the TR-3T6.

JUST MAKE SURE PROTECTED CELLS FIT. I cant believe how many lights need “adjusted” to fit the extra few mm of some of the protected cells. Is a couple mm longer tube and spring that expensive?

Yep, thick integrated shelf for one of the larger mcpcb sizes. With the threaded retaining ring, and minimal material above it so the flood angle is nice and wide. Of course, the lens would need to come all the way down to that, so that its nearly touching the top of the retainer/led.

On a light that big, definitely need a side switch. A tail clicky would be a bit awkward.

X1000. This drives me nuts. 1-2 full turns MAX, to get from full flood > full zoom.

OK, here is my version of this, and I’m sure it will add to the cost slightly , but…………

Make the driver area large (say 26 or 32mm) and DEEP (for big buck drivers), with a threaded retainer.
Then if its being offered as a host (not sure they do that?)…………

1) include brass adapters that thread in place of the retainer for other common driver sizes (17/20/22/26)
No need for retainers on the adapters, just solder the driver to it.


2) offer the adapters (all sizes in a kit) as an optional thing.


n10sivern, could you ask Uniquefire what the focal length of the 78mm lens will be? It makes it easier to think of a design with correct dimensions.

I will ask them later tonight (their Monday morning). I try not to bother her on the weekends

I have to Skype with Gearbest and Uniquefire anyway later on tonight. I have to see where we stand with the 1504 items and how long before I can push another product. I have pretty much narrowed it down to two items that I want to get next. I just need some specifics before I pass the idea along to the people here at BLF to see if they are interested too. It’s the whole horse and cart thing. I can’t try something else until the first one has finished. I don’t want to promote another item when people haven’t even received the first one yet!

78 is way to big for hunting purposes. Not to mention it will be heavy as hell.

I would stick to 66mm brother or even smaller.

Tell them to make us this kind of light (2x18650 in series) but with aspheric head:

It should be hunters dream. Running time of 5A XPG2 with 2x18650 in series should be at least 30 minutes on full power and slightly drop after that.

While I agree the Lightforce light would be awesome, it’s over $300 now. The design isn’t their norm and the more they have to design from scratch the more expensive it would be. Although the 78mm would be heavy, it could easily be used on a tripod. They could likely make it and weight the same as the 1405 if they designed it right. The 1405 has a LOT of weight that could be shaved off.

Thing is, a larger battery tube will not add that much to the cost. Take the Supfire M6 for example. It can be had for $40 or less, and it has a more sophisticated driver than will be needed in a single emitter light, and will not need the triple reflector in this light. And most here know the quality of the M6, its a solid host.

A triple cell or quad will fit the hand better and look more proportional I feel. Not to mention the benefits of more overhead voltage to power more power hungry LEDs, or the added benefit of extreme run time of the 3 or 4 cells in a less power hungry build.

Also, they asked what we want, and thats what I have been wanting. I do not like plunger lights at all. I dont like 2x18650 long (or longer), and I do not like the looks of the skinny handle on a huge head. Though, I do know they will not make a light that we all want here, just saying what I would like to see in a large aspheric build

I somewhat agree with you, and for the record i like your idea :slight_smile:

But from the engineers response about performance improvements they sound a bit conservative to me, so i doubt they would do something way different than the design style they do know. But about this & if it would cost them much more to design & produce a much bigger & thicker light, I would love to be proven wrong that they would do it & it wouldn’t raise the cost to several multiples :wink: if we can have it for cheap I want it, it just that I don’t believe it is possible.

+1 on the turbo head idea also.

Uniquefire wanted to know how many would be interested in a replacement head with the 78mm lens for their 1405/1504. I may end up starting a new thread to gauge interest but figured I’d ask here first.