Ideas for a Uniquefire flashlight

YES :bigsmile: :party:

This is very good news :slight_smile:

I don’t even have my 1504 yet, but I love the idea of they releasing upgrades for the platform like this. Ask for an upgraded switch board drop in with an omten switch also ;), it would be the perfect cheap upgrade combo.

They can even leave out the pill, just the bigger lens head to save cost.

This kind of legoing, with an alu pill or brass, the single battery body in the 1504 or 2 battery body from the 1405, and now different sizes lens heads for all of those parts is a very nice development.

You sold a bunch of alu pills pretty quick, i wonder how many upgraded pills with dedomed led’s + FET driver combo you could sell :wink: although not for me I like doing it myself, but for those who can’t or don’t want to mod.
A screw in pill with driver & led should anybody be able to fit, for an about 4 times improvement in output, if i remember the stock kcd figures right that is :wink:

EDIT Hmm, i just remembered that would leave the bottom spring un bypassed, i am not sure how much such a set up would lose on that.

That would be an excellent idea… replacement head for those who already own 1405/1504 :slight_smile:
The beam probably will look the same as my Wolf Eyes seal Hunter light.
or they can build it like a Fei long head and fit TN31/32/K40 battery tubes

I like lego-ability but who is going to swap heads? I guess that the body of the 1405/1504 would be an easy and suitable starting point for the 78mm head, but I would want the extra body with it so I don't have to swap.

(still want the post #6 design :angry: )

Yeah, I talked to them about that. Being as radical of a design as that, she said all the could do would be to mock it up but they wouldn’t produce it without 500 orders from a single vendor or various vendors.

While I really like the tooling or knurling on the handle of the UF-1405, I also really dislike the toilet plunger look and I am infuriated with a tail switch on a long handle light.

I would really like to see a quality affordable light built with a body similar the Supfire M6 but able to take a battery holder to facilitate both 4P and 2S4P configurations. With a body design like that, manufacturers could produce various head units to accept various emitters and reflectors to suit buyer preference or mood.

l would not mind seeing a mock-up of that design

But 500 orders from BLF is not going to happen unless everone here is extatic about it, which does not seem to be the case.

I still do not see the design as being radical btw, if every flashlight that is not a plain tube is radical, the flashlight world is extremely conservative.

I’m totally interested in alternative-form-factor lights, I just don’t think this one is the best candidate. In my mind, the sole purpose of that big of a lens is for maximum throw. With a lantern style, unless you have something to set it down on it is going to be extremely awkward to use. Overall you would have less control and less ways you could hold it. If you let it hang from a relaxed arm (like a lantern) the beam will dance around as you walk and could be blocked by low brush.

It seems to me a lantern style is much more practical with a flood light. Even then, it’s hard to get 500 orders.

I think a better solution to the skinny battery tube issue is an SRK style body.

I just realized that with that big fat ring they have on the UF-1405/1504 handle, they have to start with a wide diameter aluminium stock at least as wide as the ring.

That would mean that it should be possible for them to do a “soda can style” wide battery compartment for a similar price as the current platform :slight_smile:

djozz, that how i see it unfortunately, i have not even been here a year yet & my view on the market is that it is extremely conservative.

And we at BLF are as far as possible on the other end of the spectrum, and implements new ideas & new led’s the moment they are available.

If the manufacturers would be even close to as progressive as we are, we would see the latest led’s on copper DTP mcpcb’s, dedomed led’s, wire by passed springs & high amp capable FET/buck/linear drivers everywhere, but we don’t they move at a snails pace it feels sometimes to me anyway.

And the problem is that it is not only the manufacturers that are conservative, I think the majority of the buyers also are conservative, they don’t even know what is possible either because they haven’t been exposed to it yet.

Too bad it isn’t a Fresnel lens. That might keep the weight and cost within reason, though not the size.
I suggest looking at the Yezl t9 for shape ideas. I like smooth curves, etc. Even better, look at Chinese pottery. Does she have an art museum nearby or some hand thrown dishes at home? How about hiring a potter to make mockup prototypes, to look at and feel. A numerically controlled lathe and a pottery wheel are sort of similar, at least in that they make bodies of revolution and can easily make smooth curves. But, on a wheel, mockup prototypes can be made in a few minutes work each, depending on the skill of the potter. That could make it Chinese in a beautiful and traditional way.

If I read here correctly, the throw is the distance at which it will light up any area to a certain extent. So it is proportional to the diameter.

Well. The replacement head is a no go too. I told her about the other ideas as well. She said she would let me know if they came up with anything. Their “engineer” said after testing that they couldn’t do a replacement head as the focal length of the lens would require the head to be extremely long. Soooo, I guess we are back to square one and will just have to see what they come up with. In the end, this was kind of pointless unless they release a light down the road like what some of you have described and I passed on.

The popularity seems to wax and wane on this, but I’m hoping for a 6-8 battery soup can body (2s3p or 2s4p) and a side switch. It needs a long body anyway to accommodate the focal length, and the extra machining in the body would be offset by less machining in the head.

Please, Uniquefire, make it this way, I’ll order 10 immediately as long as they don’t have some weird hideous feature.

Thats to bad :frowning:

I wonder how “extremely long” it would be…….anyone good at math that can calculate it? Do you know what focal length it had? I would guess it is a standard 78mm glass lens like fasttech or dx would sell, because we know that the 68mm stock lens is that anyway.

Probably around 80-100mm would be my off the cuff guess.

So did they tell what the focal length was?

I have a guess that it is around 8cm, and the travel of the head would be around 7 (the travel on the head of the 1405 is just 2.6cm).

edit: KKW beat me to it :-)

Ok thanks, good to know, i still would want it though, even if it would probably look better on the 1405 body.

Maybe they couldn’t implement a 8-10cm screw zoom, if that is what is stopping them, that is another reason to use a slide zoom mechanism instead of the overly complicated & slow screw zoom.

Does any of you that have the 1504/1405 know if something like could be done to mount a bigger lens?

77mm lens hood
82mm lens hood

How about a flashlight with two led? As in an led at the front and the back… But different types of emmiter and different drivers… Or just the one If possible? Powered by a 18650 or 26650? Clicky at each end? Maybe one side is zoom focusable and the other with reflector? Lol

i would buy a new head for the 1405

any new news on this yet?

This is a very common request or desire. If someone with CAD skills could put together a rendering of a 2S3P or a 2S4P soup can that accepts a side switch and a battery carrier, maybe we could do an end run around the companys and contract a manufacturer to fabricate and anodize these lights for us. Heck, WWEFANS has appears to have a very capable and affordable machinist of Ti… Why don’t we draw one up and have one fabbed out of Ti? Of course the price of titanium bar stock large enough to be machined into a 2S4P soup can body would likely be really expensive and force us back to anodized aluminum body. Anyone else curious?