If Jake25 from L3 Illuminations offered an L10 1xAA Firefly Keychain Light with a Nichia 219 for pre-order...

You can see the archived poll results on the Wayback Machine:


i would preorder right away AND I would pay extra as long as it was a reasonable cost.

Fo’ sho.

samberg aside, I’d insta-buy the L10 Hi-CRI 219!

I want a clip ...

You could lose your flashaholic license talking like that… tsk, tsk…

It’s good to get some feedback on product planning, but the value of popularity in design is questionable. If the forum were focus grouped, the complaints would always be that low isn’t low enough and high isn’t overdriven enough. Using that as totality of advice results in a two mode light with a barely visible low (stare into led to make sure it’s on) and a high that pops the emitter after a few hour (HD2010, LOL), hardly a usable product.

Good features/quality + adequate marketing sells products. As example of the latter, the few blf edition specials will always sell a hundred or two sight unseen just for sentimental value and the “limited time” nature. A similar marketing trick with a trait like color rendition is to price it as a premium feature. In our culture we simply equate price = quality (which would be true here), so a premium price proves this to consumer mindset. “It’s better because it’s more expensive” mentality is quite strong even on a forum like this.

Now that would be unfortunate since I would prefer nichia’s to be in everything, but sometimes getting the message across that color is quality in a lighting device requires more effective means than thoughtful reasoning.

I’d do that with or without the firefly.

I have this weird feeling there’s goin be Nichia 219s 0:)

I want an orange one.

I’m still keen on the XP-G2 but a Nichia 219 would be nice as well.

At the moment I’m not buying any though, I want to wait to see what’s available instead of paying $10 multiple times for shipping. So when everything is final I might order 3-5 lights and save money on shipping.

Also this is quite a bias poll assuming everyone will buy one with no options if they aren’t interested in a Nichia version or aren’t even going to buy any one at all.

Pick one of the following.

Frankly it would be best to wait for a lithium-capable (at least 16340) light for the 219 if this is going to be some kind of one-shot deal. Color rendition requires brightness (cone sensitivity is low) and a 100 or so lumen AA light is not going to bring the best out of the nichia.

I vote 14500

Nichia is a great idea, I’d also be interested in a Deep red led version. 640-680nm, so not the red xpe :wink:

I’ll go for the XP-G2 (in neutral, of course…)as a better fit for the 1AA 1.3 Volt light. The much lower Vf and better efficiency of the XP-G2 will run brighter and longer with the boost driver. Save the Nichia 219 for a 3.7 li-ion cell light.

Why isn’t there a ‘I don’t want to buy one’ option?
As Ezarc said, this is very biased.

Personally I already have a 219 light, so I wouldn’t be ordering one.

Is the XP-G2 neutral white option being offered yet? I don’t see it on their website.

Ain’t that the truth.