If you don't have one ....get one ..stuff you gotta have.

Ok guys how about a list of things .."you have to have "

The other day I broke the tip off of one side of my dental pick and thought ..."this sucker is so damn handy "..I can't imagine someone not having one and working on lights..

-Dental pick


-Digital Multi-Meter... DMM


Stuff everyone needs >>

I’m thinking Justin’s hand skills and Chicago’s lathe (along with Chicago’s obvious skills, of course).

And a reasonably patient wife, to put up with this hobby.

A good soldering iron with enough watts to provide quick thermal recovery has made my modding life much easier.

A set of "helping hands" clips with magnifying glass has proved useful.

A few small sized Irwin Quick-Clamps are handy in so many ways.

A set of small, sturdy, and extremely sharp scissors is nearly indispensable.

Lastly, as ruffles said, a patient (and loving) wife goes a long ways.

Beer :beer:

And a bathroom, and a magnifying glass… For the driver, not the bathroom.

Credit card does it count ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Digital Camera.
A bicycle :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I need to get some more lights…. 0:)

  • cat, best in pairs
  • sipik68
  • cheap digital calipers

A hard working wife.


An X-acto knife and a headlamp as well as a helping hand vice with lots of extra clamps. As many various extra small sized screwdrivers as possible.

MAHA C9000

A MTB, a flashlight & darkness :heart_eyes:

AAA light - ITP A3 eos 'standard edition'

AA light - Romisen RC-G2

AA/14500 light - Balder SE-1 , Uniquefire AA S-1

C or D cell light - Maglite

18650 light - Solarforce L2m , Xin TD

Knife - Enlan EL01 , SanRenMu 763 , Bee L05-1

Get my house tented for termites.
After that a new coat of paint.


Gaffer Tape
3-in-1 Oil
Deck of cards
Small floody torch
Chocolate Biscuits
Tea, Milk & Sugar

RMA liquid flux
mitutotyo digital calipers
weller wes51

and goose island bourbon county 2009(beer)

Two part epoxy
Duct tape.