If you had $400.00 for a thrower would you get ?

Found one on ebay is at $200.00

Dude, don’t tell everybody. You might get outbid. Unless you are the one selling it :wink:



Thanks for all the help !!! I ended buying an Electrolumens ST 90 … Found a new one from a collector in North Carolina shipping included with 18650 Panasonic cells…… $180.00

Thanks everyone……
It Arrived today !!! 08.21.2012

Very nice video Manny, thanks for sharing. Dang, that light is a beast!

Thanks for the video. I can’t wait to see the next one with the night shots.

Been raining like a Biatch every night..... I'm working on it .....

Probably a XinTD C8 and $370 of beer.


Stay safe Manny.
I see there is a potential hurricane headed your way.
YouTube beamshots can wait.
Charge up them batteries.

Thanks..... Now I can use my torches without the neighbours calling me a nut ....... J)

Beam on ST90 from 10 feet away … –1 exposure ……

Too many more important things to get or do in this world than to spend $400 bucks on a flashlight that will automatically be obsolete in 6 –12 months.

My first outside real beamshot………

Photo looks more like a UFO beaming an alien down to your QTH.

ST90 Left …… Skyray King on Right …. Both on High ….

saablusters modified TN31 (with some change to buy a 3 or 5 xml floody and 18650 batteries to go with the lights) .... over 200k Lux from a single Cree XML.... I got the stock TN31 and I love it.

I would wait for the fenix tk75 and get flood and throw :slight_smile:

3x TN31’s

Fits in the budget, and gives you your almost 3K lumens, for 3 hours. All you need is a cradle or frame mounting, and a handle. Im still a fan of the deeper reflectored lights giving a more useful beam profile, corona wise.

But this is just an un-researched answer, just throwing the idea out there. Probably not the most practical.

Tn 31 is a great choice…. I’m saving to buy one ……