If you had $400.00 for a thrower would you get ?

A powerful but compact HID. $400 for an LED type torch is out of the question.

Those aspherics Pok made look awesome but would need to see results to see they are worth the cost . . . after buying a HID.

i have 2 throwers that are close to $400 a sbt90 sr90 (~200k lux) and a mag458

also have a varapower turbo 3 on the way :slight_smile: (>225k lux) and aspheric lens (lux=??)

Is the formatting for this thread screwed up for you guys or is it only me?

It's not just you!

Ok, I PMed sb about it a few days back and he hasn't responded. I'm sure he'll figure this out. :)

It’s the “poll format”.

HID 85w or a Microfire Patrol HID.

I don’t like worrying that the bulb or ballast could burn out. Plus the waiting for it to warm up is a drag.

I’d get a custom light made would be my choice, I do like the Varapower and the ElectroLumens Sr90 but if I’m going to spend around $400, I want an led light monster, perhaps with that Mtg2 led I heard about today :wink:

The TN31+Mods i have,so i have the T Shirt on that purchase question .Need some new binoculars it throws that far.Could spend the money ther.I would like to try the Olight throw king,but the problem with this Hobby.People of the same mind are so few and far between when your just out for a walk.Its not like you see them being used by every man with a dog.

I recently picked this thrower up used for $400 100 lumen xenon, awesome.

I think my X6 may be able to out throw that. :p

The xenon yes, the .45 no :stuck_out_tongue: