If you had to choose a LED for a Zoomie Flooder, XHP70-50, L2, MT-G2, Triple L Hi

If you had to choose one for dropping in a Zoomie host, mainly for great flooding up to 50 yds out. Xhp70, 50, L2, Triple L Hi, or MT-G2. Or other. I will be powering it with a Keeppower 6000mAh.

You could also choose 4x 3535s for as long as your zoomie uses ∅20mm MCPCB. Related information: Frankenquads using 20mm 2x2 3535 MCPCBs

Available in all variants: 4S1P, 2S2P & 1S4P.


Any time an MT-G2 is an option it’s always the option!

I would also consider Nichia 319A (hexagonal light emitting surface, small 3.5mm×3.5mm footprint) or Samsung LH351D (again 3.5mm×3.5mm). LH351D has very large surface under the dome, so it should look somewhat roundish, when focused.

Good old MT-G2 :+1:

You can’t go wrong with an MT-G2 :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is what an LH351D looks like behind the Cometa aspheric optic (left is LH351D, right is sliced SST20) :

Looks like I may be leaning toward the MT-G2, since I have a number of XHP50’s.

So I just ordered the MT-G2 and Xhp50’s, and more.

As a little blaster the MT-G2 will go into my Convoy M2 with a 17mm driver and two Keeppower 18350’s.

Another MT-G2 will go into a Zoomie. Link: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Powerful-Tactical-LED-Flashlight-T6-Led-lamp-10000-Lumens-Zoomable-Waterproof-Torch-for-26650-Rechargeable-or/32844920042.html?spm=a2g0s.13010208.99999999.260.131a3c00yzi71H

It’s like the love for the MT-G2 has only grown fonder.

Thoughts on a MT-G2 in the Zoomie I pictured? Or would another LED be better?

Thanks for all the input too!!

Does that look like some sort of Warsun? 28mm head travel path… I wonder how good is the emitter shelf/cooling inside of that aluminium can.

I may try Kaidomain's “fishing flashlight host” some day, huge space for driver (∅23mm) and led board (∅26mm). :THUMBS-UP:

Cheers :-)

All easy fixes. It will make an ideal zoomie.

So in a large diameter Zoomie would a Xhp70.2 flood better than a MT-G2?

I built a zoomie with a MT-G2 for a friend a few years ago. It turned out rather nice: Mod: Zoomie with MT-G2


I picked up that “DIY Fishing Flashlighht Host 26650” from Kaidomain. I got it in yesterday, put a MT-G2 and H1-A 20mm driver with a 20mm to 22mm brass ring adapter. A little solder added to the outer portion of the ring to make the 22mm ring fit tight in the 23mm driver hole. I will pick up a rubber washer gasket/ring to make the lens stay tight and not rattle.
But other than that it’s a great feeling light and bright. It does not zoom quick like most zoomies. The zoom is you turning it on threads. It’s a tad quirky to figure out at first, I will leave it at a midway zoom/flood. But it’s a solid feeling light. It’s much brighter than a similar Xhp-50 Zoomie I modded up.

It warms up a tad in seconds and stays that temp. I haven’t yet felt it get overly hot. Solid pill, plastic lens.