If you missed the DinoDirect UF-H2 deal last time...

I might get 2 more lol. Semur/Summer, is it allowable for BLF members to do so? I hesitated to get more because I was afraid of getting junk/ripped off.

Good deal, hope they notice it in time.

Would get some more but I think I can cope with just one :)

Summer/Semur sounds like nice ladies. I'd hate to see them get eaten up alive over there!

Edit : Too late, "Hot Linked images removed by Norm". Strike 1!

Aahh thanks :)

Hm, it's ridiculous low price maybe?

If you don't own one of these yet, buy one quickly. I guess, you might not find it again at this price.

It has some good points like:

-magnet at tail

-90° angle lightning


-includes a headband

-ramping (adjustable brightness)

-Eats Alkies, NiMh, Li-ion. AA/14500

-Electronically operated button (at least I like it...)

Some more good things on my personal view: small size, nice even flood, low current draw (long runtime, no heat). Tailstands, clipstands. Anodized threads so lock-out can be done.

Bad things: ramping a bit fast, not that bright, PWM is quite bad...

haha, the good news transfers fast, yes, we do have a same good deals there, and we want to let more people get more benefit. If you missed it here in this forum, you can go there to get one or more as you like. And if you have bought one before here, and you are also welsomed to get some more.

If you know some friends who missed it here, just feel free to tell them about the new one in CPF. just send me message there in CPF or leave your comment there, we will have a name list about the members later. thanks

I would consider buying one but I would want the guarantee of getting the box. Problem is a lot of members here are banned over there so that could be a problem.The H3 is a much better light imo than the H2 as it is much brighter being 18650.

Cool thanks. I was so disappointed when I saw I missed that a few days ago.

I'm sorry everyone but this thread is now closed and the OP has been banned. Semur is no more than a shill from DinoDirect who has been banned from all CPF sites for unethical business practices and persistant and blatant disregard for the CPF policies.

Seems CPF dont like them ^^

Yeah man.... oh well, 99% of the users here have no issues.

And I was just writing my PM to semur/summer with thanks for the offer, but I haven't been able to because CPF has banned semur... and part of the content was a hint just to be aware that that the community is different...

Oh well, CPF has delivered the message to semur anyway..

Disappointed once again.

Haha think so.. I'm in :) missed it :(

AAAAARGH - that was the last time i visited this damn cpf site!

C'mon, whats wrong with them. But i guess its just that if cpf doesn't get some money out of it, than there will be no groupbuy!

Aaaaargh - i hate so self righteous idiots! Go bury yourselves in your 1.000.000 $ surefire customs and wait for apocalypse. We're having fun over here in the meantime.......


Aaaaargh - i hate so self righteous idiots!

Lol. Anyone think this is good opportunity to direct CPF members to BLF? "If you like this deal, go to BLF!"

ps. I'm actually interested in buying 2 more.

the attitude here is decidedly different

Gotta love CPF!

what a waste of internet...