IGNORE - Amondotech N30 - $100, ebay/Marrsinc - used like new

somebody buy this before I do - please

I'm lucky its not orange


Bro...too expensive dah... The Mozo was just below 80 bucks and with Li-ion pack. Of course they are out of stock, still kicking myself why didn't i get one while they were still available.

really?! wow, li-ion must make one much lighter than what I'm used to. glad I didn't jump on it...


Still a good deal for the Amondotech, I paid £100 ($150) for the silver 'Titanium Innovations) version second hand good condition in the UK. The guy who imported it paid well over $200 with shipping and import taxes though.

I actually like the Ni-mh pack, it seems like a safer and more reliable chemistry long-term. I agree with the weight issue though.