IllumiBowl Clip-On Toilet Night Light (Motion Activated)

I can see the complaints now...

"I like blue light so I locked my Illumibowl at blue but whenever I pee the bowl turns green. After I flush it turns blue again. Something is broken in it. You sent me a defective product!"

Ill be the first to say it, SO FREAKIN STUPID.

Plus the inventor is an idiot, there is ZERO incentive to pledge more money. There is no discount, it is legit a linear scale. Then the flip side, who needs 10 toilet lights, or better yet who has 10 toilets! This isnt something you gift to a friend, its a prank at best.


build your own: motion activated Piss Light: Nichia 219 Motion Sensitive Piss Light

Huh... usually when I wake up at night my eyes are adjusted well enough that I don't really need any additional light.

I hope it doesn't use a low frequency PWM to regulate brightness. That could be.... distracting.

Patent pending design… I’d love to see that patent. My published prior art is two years old… and the design predates that by a couple of years. And it’s still running fine off the original set of batteries.