Illuminated switch maglite

I saw a while back a post or a video Old Lumens made about adding an illuminated switch to a blue maglite but cant seem to find it.

I ordered this from dx but I am not sure how to wire it.

I have the same switch to use in a future project. 2 of the pins are in and out for the switch the other 2 are positive and negative for the blue led in the switch

this is the light I believe you are talking about

But how do you wire it so that the switch only lights up when the light is on?
Although it would be nice to always have it illuminated, I wonder how fast it would drain the batteries….

I think it would be more parasitic draw than I would ever want. you need to take the positive wire from the switched out and use a resistor that works with your battery combination if needed. the ground goes to ground.

What he said but maybe at 10-15 mA not too bad.

It even shows the photos of how to wire it for the light to be on when the switch is on.

This is a US seller and they have a couple different colors.

I think they have momentary and on/off styles.

but it does not show the wiring.

If you wanted it always on I bet you could find a resistor value that would run the LED at a very low level and still be useful as a locator beacon...

Or if there's enough room in the switch housing add a simple timer to make it flash once every 5-10 seconds.

How did you ground your switch without the set screw?

The ground is where you need to get creative