I'm A Flashaholic.

It all started with an LD22, then I needed more! So a cr123a seemed the next logical step. In comes the potenially phony L2m, I get an extender to make it hold an 18650 and the bore is to small. Ultrafire 502 is cheap, but it didn’t have to modability of the Solarforce line. Next thing I know is I have an L2n & a real L2m with an L2t & L2 in the mail. Help me please or next payday I’ll be ordering the M3/K3 combo.

It's a pleasure to know you, erknjerk!

Probably not the best place to be if you don’t want to spend money on more flashlights… Every time I get back on here I see another thing I need to buy. :slight_smile:

Welcome to BLF, hope you enjoy your stay here. :slight_smile:

Yeh me too, everyone now calls me Ben Lumen (my surname is already very close to lumen, easy transition, don’t hate it!)

there are no 12 step programs here since there is no known treatment for flashaholism

Nor does anyone seem to want treatment.

Howdy and welcome!

If your’e not prepared to spend money on more lights ( I have both the M3 and K3, heavily modified, love em, along with the M8, S2200, Lantern, L2m, L2P’s, P1D, etc) you could always disconnect your internet?

Good luck with that…

Welcome to BLF, erknjerk! :party:

Welcome aboard, erknjerk!

Run while you can. It starts off innocent enough, but the bug will grow and make you want more.

I won’t stop just yet. In my mind I’m getting ready for the great blackout of the century.

Congratulations on confronting your addiction, now it has a name you can enjoy it.
The only known treatment is to treat yourself, there is no cure.
It has been said (by me) that you can lessen the effects by diving headlong into becoming a knifeholic as well. 0:)

Welcome erknjerk :-)

I hope you have fun here.

I bought 5 folders in a week last year. On too my my 2 kukris and bowie. Please don’t ask about firearms.

Doesn’t sound like you are spending enough on flashlights. I have a Nepalese Kukri and Ka-Bar Kukri machete, and am known to add 5 knives to any random Amazon or Fasttech order, so there is no hope for you here to stop spending money. There’s still about 20 folders I still want, like the Sage Carbon, Cryo (isn’t there a Cryo 2 now?), Skyline and Rat. And new flashlights are coming out faster than I can buy them faster than my wife will let me buy them. And I still haven’t got around to the SC52 or SC600, not to mention the TK75.

But I guess it could be worse—it could be crack or something that would kill me. Hi, my name is Mark, and I’m a flashaholic EDC-aholic.

Dang, you guys make me glad I’m not into guns anymore! I used to spend a fortune on bullets, powder, cases….always reloading a new load, testing, buying, reloading. Was never enough. Potentially dangerous stuff that. I remember once finding a 1961 manual that had a .357 Magnum load for a 110 gr bullet that was a compressed load. The gunpowder filled the case and pressing the bullet into the case literally compressed that massive charge of powder! 110 grain jhp at 2040fps! Yeah, kinda glad I’m not into that anymore, thankyouverymuch!

Not that I’m saving much money with MT-G2’s out and 40A cells, 50A cells, gosh, not much different than handloading……

Welcome to the BLF forums, the club, and this addiction ! :slight_smile:

Did I mention I have 4 Sk68, clones on the way?

Those are among our favourite small EDC style lights.