I'm an idiot

So I got a manker E02 and after clicking the switch a bunch of times it simply died. Light won’t come on no matter what. I changed the reflector a while ago, so I’m pretty sure I’m not covered by warrenty.
I’ll probably open it up and see if i can spot something broken. But I remember it being a pain to open up, so we’ll see.

But yeah… don’t click it too rapidly?

nevermind i’m an idiot. it apparently has a lockout.

i think it’s the lock-out mode i think it’s 4 click or 6 click to remove it i don’t remember

yup, I found out :person_facepalming: it’s: one click-double-triple who even comes up with that

Now that is an idiot

Does it “remember” lockout if you take out the cell?

That’s one of the first things I do if I suspect a driver went mental. Cut power, let it starve to death a while and then start fresh.

Jep it remembers, my first reaction was to take out the cell as well. Put it back after a minute or two and wouldn’t switch on, which is why I thought it was dead.

When it takes me a while figure something out, I feel like an idiot, too.

Luckily, within a day or two I no longer feel so stupid.

Hmmm, that would really suck if it got stuck that way.

We’re all “”an idiot”“. Compared to a more intelligent person standing beside you.
I wouldn’t be worrying about it too much.

Just be happy with where you are. It’s not for too long.
I’m 79 in 9 days and it went past in a quick zzzzip. Gone.
Feels like a week.

Dell coming here this arvo’. on last day of Lappie 2 yr warranty…
To check repair/replace Keyboard
Plus anything else that may prove iffy.
I rang them 4 days ago.

Also extended my Come to door wty/replacement for another 2 yrs
for $220 AUD.

Who else gives that sort of. (to your door in Central QLD Aust) wty cover.
on an $870 AUD Laptop.

If they replace it. I’ll add a few more dollars and get a model up on it hey.

Toshiba laptops are the best, sorry for your Dell problems. Only laptop worse is HP.
It can be challenging to install a new OS on older ones.

I liked my previous employer’s HPs better than my current employer’s Lenovos.

I made the mistake of buying a Dell once.


cell dead

cell backwards

sections not tight enough

weird mode - read manual

switch parts lost or misaligned (FW3A)

I locked my E02 out and it took me a long long time to get it unlocked. Nearly a week, of trying, getting mad and giving up, then come back later and try again.
The timing has to be perfect.
1 click, 2 clicks, 3 clicks. There has to be a slight pause between but not too long.
Taking the battery out does not re-set it. I left it out for several days.

If you take the rubber button cover out and use the end of a pen on the switch, it is easier to get the timing more consistent.

I’ll never make that mistake again. I can lock it by unscrewing the tail cap a little.

So is this what they call an idiot with a happy ending? :wink: :smiley:

I agree with the Toshiba being the best.
I was in a mobile caravanning group with over 400 members. (Mainly old farts)
The bulk of us had migrated to Toshiba after going through the other brands.
I had 2 x Toshiba in 10 yrs NEVER missed a beat.

This only a toy so Toshiba too exxy
The Dell has been VERY reliable, used every day and most of the nights.
Keyboard playing up $860AUD model. (cheap)
They came to door. After getting inside and checking for me.
2 days b4 end of wty.
They ended up replacing all but SSD and screen sect.
and gave me a 2 yr Come to door wty for $220AUD.
As good as another new lappie for $220,
I’ll be buying another one believe me.

Their Aust Tech Services crew are THE best Tech services I’ve had
in near 40yrs of comp’s. Starting with the old 286/386 models.

I guess Toshiba has come a long way? About 10 years ago, my stepmother had one and it would have weird power problems. Batteries didn’t last long in it. I’ve had HP laptops over the past 12 years. The first two were OK, but they got better. I have two right now. One is a bit of a beast (all metal shell) that can get really hot if the vent is covered over for 10 mins, but cools off promptly. The other’s touch screen has a “ghost”… cursor will just unpredictably appear in a certain spot off in the upper right corner. I ended up disabling the feature (which didn’t bother me, as I really wasn’t using it). I spilled liquid on the keyboard by accident which caused a few keys to fail… had to replace the whole top bezel, but I upgraded it to a lighted keyboard (mine happened to have the option on the motherboard, which I discovered after researching the service manual). I use my other laptop’s touch screen for certain apps, and it’s fine. They have been an excellent value (one I bought lightly used and paid just $250, 7 years ago). Both came with Windows 8.1, and upgrading to Windows 10 was an absolute bear. HORRIBLE. One struggled with the first service pack update too. But after that, no problems at all.

Agreed. My 5 year old work flashlight has 3 modes. High, low, and blink.
And I like it that way. In all 5 years of heavy use, I have never once desired for an alternate setting, especially one that requires the use of a manual to learn.