I'm from Germany

hello and greetings from Germany. My name is wolfgang.
I’m new here, but i have a small collection flashlights.

In this forum I have been reading about 2 years as a guest.
I’m also a member in the german Messerforum.net , section flashlights - modding area. There I have already presented some modded flashlights :wink:

In the last 2 years I have modded about 25 flashlights, from 7-LED Burner up to the very small 16350 - flashlights. This EDC’s are my favorites because I can use it practically.

High energy-efficiece and of course the highest possible number of lumens are in my focus.
My software is written in Bascom (Basic).
I use the Tiny13 and Tiny25 as a processor.
As emitter mainly XML (T and U Bin’s) and XP-G are used. XP-E and XR-E are represented only in old lamps or replaced.

I look forward to an interesting exchange of information.

For now it would be.


Welcome to BLF Wolfgang, hope you enjoy your stay here. :slight_smile:

I’m sure you already know that the Nanjg AMC7135 drivers use Attiny13A’s as their drivers, so you’d fit right in with the driver modding crowd! :slight_smile:

Welcome, Wolfgang! I look forward to your contributions.

Welcome, Wolfgang! :slight_smile:

Hi ryansoh3,

this is right, i’m often use the 7135 Driver, there are the best for one-cell Flashlights. Many Driver using a PIC as processor, i’m change the processor to a Tiny from AMD. It’s not difficult - i’m using a stereo microscope.
With the Port-outputs i can head for single or blocks 7135. This results a higher efficience as pure PWM . Lithium cells also have a Peukert effect according to my measurements.

Wow, that’s some skills you got there. :slight_smile:

Is it hard to individually wire the AMC chips to the outputs of the Attiny13A?

I was just wondering why this was more efficient than PWM; I just looked up the Peukert effect and seemed to understand it, but I wan’t sure how single/multiple AMC’s were more efficient than all AMC’s on PWM.

This is quite simple, at PWM, the lithium cell ALWAYS charged the maximum current, even if only in short pulses. I manage each separately the 7135, then I can expect with currents of only 350mA, or 700mA and so on.That’s quite a difference to 3A with an XML, and brings in a 14500 cell up to 28 percent more run time. See the Celltest

I see, thanks for the explanation.

28% is an incredible boost, I’ll have to try this myself. :slight_smile:

look my last posting “Celltest”

Welcome Wolfgang!, :slight_smile:

That is about the extent of my German! :open_mouth:

Also, I Nearing my Sophomore[2nd year!!] as a flashaholic,However, this is my 2nd day on here! That is the only area that I am ahead of you! I understand the basics but get lost when people talk about all the technical stuff!!

Lastly, My girlfriends Mom was born in Kindenheim, just west of Worms and 2 or 3 hours[?] Southwest of Frankfurt!


Welcome to BLF, Wolfgang! :party:

This is your new family, astrowolfgang!

Hi Bob,

many people in the U.S. have German roots. When I was 6 months in the U.S. on the road, I’ve met a lot.

Do not fear the lamp technology. I’ve also started small, and now I build complete their own lights. It’s amazing what you can to put everything into the light in technology.
Many of my friends think I’m crazy, but some also have several lights.
Now I am waiting for a delivery of Ric-CN .
These last two lights will probably be the last being. I have then 25 lights, and that is enough :slight_smile: or….


Thank you guys for the welcome greetings :slight_smile:
I’m feel me good here :open_mouth:

That why the symbol of USA food is hamburger & frankfurter (better known as hot-dog). :bigsmile:

Willkommen !

lol!!! :wink: Good point!

That is why I try to live and eat like my family in Italy!! 104 is the record so far!

Have a nice day,love the “Pooch”[Dog]!


There are probably more Germans in Pennsylvania than any other state in the U.S.A.! :bigsmile:

I live in the suburbs of Phila. The towns either have a Native American name or a German name. Two of my neighbors are from Germany.

I once asked a German American why so many came here? He said the land reminded them of home and it is great for farming!

Wolfgang- Did you ever hear of Penaten?? It is a great product!! It cured my Siberians minor skin dermatitis and obviously works great on humans! :slight_smile:


Hallo Wolfgang,

langsam kommen hier immer mehr User aus Deutschland ins Forum - wir breiten uns aus :)

Back to the forum language:

We can never have enough flashlights. If you think about it, order some knives of Anarenmu, Ganzo or Enlan and you have a new dependance.

Penaten is a famous brand (founded 1904) here in Germany. If you need a ointment creme for your baby - this product is great.

Penaten is a great product,not only for babies but for adults also!

I discovered it on a GSD[German Shepherd Dog] website!
It healed GSD issue of Lip Fold Pyoderma[dermatitis]!! It also did the same for my Siberian and has healed skin irritations of its own!

I did some research and found out that several years ago Johnson and Johnson[and American Co.] bought it and it is now made in Italy and France.

As long as they continue to make it with the great German ingenuity, it will continue to prosper! :slight_smile:


that has nothing to do with flashlights, but JOHNSON cream (Penaten) is the fat from sheep’s wool. The cream sticks enormous, and is extremely water repellent.
You can also take to the preservation of car bodies. Then it is called “fluid film”. It’s not a Fake.