I'm going NUCKING FUTS!!!

I have three lights on the way. ( Elektrolumens SARE, a overhauled BTU, & another TK70 ) …Mail doesnt run today. This holiday is sucking my will to live! NEED BEER STAT!!!

Hmm. Very informative post…

At any rate it is ONE day. The power will likely stay on anyway :bigsmile:

+1. . LOL Had to vent.

Oh you love the waiting game as much as I do…. :wink:


It's not the waiting game that kills me, it's the resisting temptation to buy another half dozen while one's on it's way.

Very true.

That’s how I feel too. So much so, and then they show up in groups. Sometimes like today.
My Crelant V21a arrived the same day as my two free crelant lights, the 7G3cs and 7G6cs.
As did my second Zebralight sc52. If any of those had have arrived last week it would have made my week. Now I don’t know what too ignore, So far it’s the sc52

Now watch, nothing else will show for 5 weeks, thought I’d spaced my purchases better

ill have you know i would normally pass up this thread because of the title

but because I saw it was Dale I couldnt resist LOL

Every time you hit the mailbox, it’s like playing the lottery—the light might be there or it might not!

Thanx JM! I think…… LOL


That’s what is getting me in trouble. Have orders from DX, KD & Lights Castle (on the 5th) & Wallbuys on the 11th, Lights Castle is the only 1 here yet.

I found myself spending another $29 at fasttech last night. Going to build EDC’s for the wife, Mom & Aunt :slight_smile: And I just had to try out their service that every 1 raves about.

Remember kids, drugs are bad so spend your $$$$ on a hobby that is usefull and fun!!! :heart_eyes:

if it makes you feel anybetter this is what i have in the mail

upgraded xml u3 hd2010
upgraded itp a3 eos to xpg2 4000k
onestopthrow shop tn31mb
kerberos quad xpg2
fasttech order of resistors for my sr king mod

something like $1000-1150 in the hands of the postal service :open_mouth:

I have very little faith in USPS….I recently ordered a leatherman M*U*T…. When it arrived it had been cut open. The leatherman was gond & had been retaped shut…

Wow!! What a great haul!!!

I wish my light came one by one, every weekend I get one new flashlight will be nice.
But mostly they came late and all in once. Good thing is at least they reach me.

What do you mean Going ?

That’s why I don’t like holidays… screws things up for days sometimes.

I know how you feel Dale, I am waiting on a XM-L2 TN31 and forgot that there was no mail today!I suggest your previous stress reliever when the BTU shocker got, ah, flamed out!I took a page from your book and did the same to Mrs.RAW last night.Actually…I think she is just plain raw now, oops!

I have a fandyfire copy of a srk coming from fasttech $54.00 U.S. plus $35 for Sony batteries. Definitely the most I have ever spent on one light. I hope I made a good choice. It feels good………… Yeah, it feels good…….