Im going to buy a smoothed blade bali-song

I didnt know they made these things, just found this one at TinyDeal when I was looking for Sanrenmu deals.

Im pretty sure I cant ship a real one into Canada so this one looks okay to flip around with, Ive never used one before.

Anyone have this one? Its 11$ so not too expensive.

They probably make it for a quarter in china.

I have a friend who has a balisong pen that is fun to flip around. Or are you planning on sharpening it. :)

that might not even make it past customs…they’re real uptight about butterfly knives…one that looks like it might bring issues…

You’re not sharpening it are you? I’m positive it’ll have crap steel and it probably isn’t hardened very much if at all.

He could remove that piece of metal and replace it with a heat treated piece of steal. :)

Wow what an insightful comment.


No Im not going to sharpen it or grind it down into a knife, or anything like that.

I just saw some CutleryLover videos where he flips a balisong and it looks interesting to try, I know this is just a cheap one…

Pounder thanks for the heads-up I hope it doesn’t get confiscated or anything. It should just be a trainer, I dont even want a blade on it for chance of injury to myself.

yeah man np…butterfly knives, centrifugal knives are the only thing really mentioned in knife laws in canada

It was on you tube for some harbor freight survival knife I got my info (not the most trusted source). And the knife in question was around 10 bucks. The top comment said something about how his friend manages a harbor freight and that his friend gets the knife shipped to him for 23 cents.

esrevenge …for your consideration

more here :刀&sort=2&minprice=&maxprice=&minscore=&maxscore=&volume=

No idea of the final cost shipped to you would be but it can’t hurt to ask…

For sure, things just cost less in China…the currency arent valued the same so its difficult to directly compare, plus living standards, and wages.

But yeah thanks for your comment its interesting on prices, I didnt know they were that little to make.

I guess lots of things cost low to produce in China like Sanrenmu knives and the flashlights we buy too.


Didn’t know they called them balisong in other places as well

Little trivia -


Wow, great link…very interesting. I even see some fake BenchMade boxes there too.

I wanted to get a fake Strider once. They are supposed to be pretty nice for a fake.

Anyway Im not too hung up on price I pay vs Chinese price. Like at McDonalds a coffee costs about $1…well beans and water only cost 3cents. 3 cents for the cup…but along the way things just get marked up.

When you do get a balisong, you had better make a video like this:

or like this

Wow! This guy is friggin' good! I grew up in the Philippines and everyone had butterfly knives. I bought a couple from manafont last summer -- cut up my fingers and knuckles pretty good but eventually was able to do basic flippin' with both hands. Nothing compared to this guy though. Now where the hell did I put my balisong knives.


If that guy is really so good with the balisongs, how did he cut the knees out of his jeans?


Learning !! :wink: