I'm in the dog house

No its not for the reasons you might think. My wife had the day off and calls me at work.

Q. Did you do some vacuuming last weekend?

A: Yes dear I thought I would help you out. (I almost never pick up the vacuum. We have ducted vacuuming installed)

Q: Did you vacuum up any water?

I think back to last weekend. Yes I did spill quite a lot of water in my fish room (yes my other hobby is breeding tropical fish) and I did vacuum it afterwards.

A: I might have vacuumed up a little bit.

Well my wife went to plug the vacuum into the wall socket and out came about a litre of black water on our nice cream colored carpet.

My response. "Well then that's the last time I help you with the vacuuming!"

This was not taken very well and all I heard were expletives as I disconnected the call.

I later rang and asked If I had received any parcel's today. The response is not repeatable in this or any other forum.

Dead man walkin'

I have a bunch of Convicts, a 18" Flowerhorn and a 10" Green Terror. Nice to see another aquarist!

Now....why in the world would you vacuum up fishy liquids w/o a wet vac? lol

Towels man...towels. ;)


I couldn't actually see the water. I have marine carpet on the floor and I used towels but obviously did not get it all. Ducted vacuuming suction is very strong and it appears sucked up the remaining water. It's the first time I have used the silly thing for years. (and the last time- lol).

I have mostly south american catfish, electric yellows, angels, an oscar, gouramis, flavus, and others. It's an example of my obsessive compulsive disorder. At one stage I had 25 fish tanks. I can't seem to do anything in small amounts. All or nothing. I am not sure why my wife puts up with me. It definitely isn't for money as she earns more than I do.

haha...my wife thinks I'm nuts for having 5 tanks.

Wow again!

Now that was funny! Flowers and chocolates will help you get out of the doghouse. Or better yet--jewelry! Good luck!

Its going to be jewellery I suspect. (gold too)

You can almost guarantee yourself out of the doghouse with jewelry....almost.

shopvac man..shopvac!

Here, it´s about over 50% of cases when I do the cleaning.

I´m more picky about how dirty the house gets. I´m not saying I enjoy cleaning up but when I do it, I do it properly... :|

Good luck!