I'm looking for a replacement driver for Olight s2. What are my options?

I got five Olights S2 to repair. I disassembled all of them and the drivers seem to not working propertly. Some of them do not work at all, others are flickering, others do not respond to clicks (replacing the switch didn’t help).

What are my options (relatively cheap) for replacement?
16mm with a low-profile click on the pcb.

Since I couldn’t find any alternative, I had to improvise. I’ve redone nanjg 105c.

- uploaded the baton ui

- sanded the pcb up to 16mm

- desoldered one amc to make room for a click

- bent the pins of the click properly, glued it to the pcb and soldered it

- brought the gnd to attiny13 and resistors, because the edge disappeared after grinding

  • soldered the ground wire, which is screwed to the pill

I didn’t understood. As far as i know Olight Baton S2 have e-switch.

Well done :wink:
I am curious to know if the battery must be reversed ( + towards the tailcap) or if it can be used with the + towards the driver.
I know the S2 tailcap has spring and is different from the “R” versions, still I’d like to know!

I didn’t understood. As far as i know Olight Baton S2 have e-switch.


Yes. I removed one amc and put a momentary switch in its place

The default is to put “-” inside/into the driver. Now it’s the other way around, just like any normal flashlight works “+” inside/driver.

Only Olight could come up with such a deviation from the norm, because I don’t know another manufacturer that reverses the battery.

Oh, sorry i dint zoomed photo. Another question. What soft fits in T13? Is it from depository? Baton UI based on TK’s Spagetti Monster dont fits in to T13 for sure.

Ferrero_Rocher > Baton.c

Cool, I see now :slight_smile:

Don’t bother googling that, you will just get a bunch of chocolate candy related links. :wink: