Image Boss! (no politics, no sexy pics) Have fun. ❤️

This thread is a continuation of a game I created: Image Boss!

The old thread has been unpublished (deleted), and will not be returning.

The old thread has 4,409 posts!

The old thread has many images that are not allowed on BLF, so we are starting over with some extra rules.

(There is more about that later in orange.)

First of all, to play this game, you must post images to this thread.

Here are instructions on how to do that.

You can find images though Google Images, or another good source is Bing Images.

(Here's a tip: Try to be creative with the text that you input into Google Images/Bing Images.)

The BLF member in control of the game is the Image Boss.

Steps to the game:

  1. Once chosen, the Image Boss has 24 hours to ask for an image to be posted by others, for example, "Show me an umbrella."
  2. If the Image Boss doesn't ask for an image in 24 hours, then the first to post that they are the new Image Boss is the new Image Boss. If a new Image Boss is chosen, go to Step 1.
  3. Other members post an image that fits the description. They may post one image per 24 hours. Immediately after a new Image Boss is chosen, other members do not have to wait 24 hours from their last post to post a new image.
  4. The Image Boss has 72 hours to choose their favorite image that has been posted by another member that has not broken any rules. Whoever posted that image is the new Image Boss. If a new Image Boss is chosen, go to Step 1.
  5. If the Image Boss doesn't choose a winner in 72 hours, then the first to post that they are the new Image Boss is the new Image Boss. Go to Step 1.

Superseding rule: An Image Boss cannot serve multiple consecutive terms.

Be sure to follow the rules of BLF when playing this game, and remember to have fun!

Please avoid lewd or risqué images.

That means no sexy pics of men or women (or any other type of person).

Also, nothing that resemble buttocks, genitalia, or a woman's chest.

If you see anything that's against BLF site rules, feel free to report the post.

This will help out Mr. Admin in his job.

2021-06-28 UPDATE:

Politics are now off-limits.

That means no discussing politics and no pics of politicians or anything political.

This is being done to prevent future arguments.

Have fun.

The first Image Boss (in this thread) will be G0OSE because he was the Image Boss when the old thread was unpublished.

G0OSE may choose a new topic if he wishes, and will have 72 hours to pick a winner after he does choose a topic.

Take it away, G0OSE!


Ok, show me an image of what you would buy if you won £1,000,000 ($1250200.00) – must be an item for yourself please and 1 item only.
Mclaren senna

If that was somehow enough money… F1 LM chassis #6

I would get a 2020 Toyota Camry Hybrid, a very practical but very nice car.

It only costs about $30,000.

I would save the rest of the money for a rainy day.

This new version is sorta like playing Twister in full hazmat suits.
Did you watch the Superbowl halftime show?
Way more than what we posted.

and I resent the term lewd

I'm not very good at explaining why we cannot post sexy pics on BLF, but that's why sb thought it would be best to shut down the old thread.

Instead of "non-lewd Image Boss", how about "non-sexy Image Boss"?

How ’bout “Image Boss” with rules?

Well, I really want to make it clear in the title the nature of the new rules so people don't forget what we're not supposed to be posting anymore.

Innocuous PC Picture Album

Well, you did ask.

Do you know the definition of lewd?
Or how it pertains to any of the posted pictures on BLF?

Oh dear… sorry to RC if my explanation helped end the thread :frowning: . The new rules do seem pretty darn strict.

No way would I spend £1,000,000 on myself as that’s just plain evil, but I would build myself my own home:

Wait, what? The old one’s completely gone, irretrievable, vapor? Not just hidden or something?


I think I know the definition.

I followed the duckduckgo link that has a definition.


I've decided to replace:



[no sexy pics]

The main problem with the old thread was all the sexy pics, of which I posted many.

Well, since I started the thread, I can access it, and sb of course can access it, but I think nobody else can.

If anyone wants me to find a non-sexy post or image in the old thread, I can do that for them and re-post the information in this thread.

much better wording, thanks for rethinking it.

Here's a house in Palm Desert for about $280,000

It has two bedrooms and two baths, in case I want to get my own place.

(Of course if I were really to be buying a house, I would put a lot more research into the decision.)

pretty nice curb appeal and that price seems reasonable for that area?

Yep, housing is pretty expensive here.

If I did a proper amount of research, I'm sure I could find a better looking place for less, but this is just for the game so it doesn't matter too much.

That looks palatial for 300k.

Here, I was gonna pay almost 500k for a shoebox of a house, semi-attached yet, with a “yard” only big enough to almost drop in 2 cars side-by-side (69ing so you could only get into either from the middle). Got out of that deal, thankfully.

On Lawn Guyland, I’m looking for a “starter house”, a bungalow if need be, and 300k barely buys you a third-acre with taxes of 10k/yr. Anything less than that is likely one step from being condemned (gutted interiors, roof caving in, etc.), and anything halfway decent is swiped up in a week or less. (Ask me how I know…)

I can’t even picture a house like that in NYC, as (physical) lots are small and more square-footage in a house is done by growing vertically, not horizontally.

Find the opening for “All In The Family” for examples of those types of houses.

A house like that here would easily be over a mill, maybe two.

Ah, here ya go. Might wanna mute the audio. :confounded: