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Elderly woman who destroyed 19th-century Spanish fresco says ’I didn’t do it secretly’

Cecilia Jimenez, the 80-year-old woman who inadvertently ruined a 19th-century fresco of Jesus, says she had the priest’s permission to carry out the work.

“Everyone who came into the church could see me as I was painting,” Jimenez said. “I didn’t do anything secretly. The priest knew. How could I do something like this without permission?”

I think this may be genuine, who knows though! Should have been written in Arabic…or Arbic? lol

Who would you blame? The one who placed the order or the one who painted it?


Not quite a ‘fail’ in the traditional sense, but a good funny poke like Hank33’s above…

Damn plumbers.


and their load bearing pipes :smiley: .

Let me fix it for ya with a marker.

Congrats Racoon City you are the new Image boss, that pic made me laugh a lot.

Thanks, Souichirou!

I really need a haircut, and I plan to get one tomorrow.

I'd like to see bad haircuts.

They can be real haircuts, drawings, or even photoshopped haircuts.

Customer: You know that popular Netflix Series Queen’s Gambit?

Barber: Say no more I got you fam.

Barber : How would you like your hair cut today ?

Will Forte : Just half.

I think I've asked for pics of bad haircuts before...

It's okay, though, as the images coming in so far are quite impressive!