Image Boss! (no politics, no sexy pics) Have fun. ❤️

Thanks northbeard, I think those type of houses are the future with over population and single people living in big houses. Bit wider maybe!
We had images of faster than the eye can see - so this time lets have photo’s that are done using SLOW shutter speeds (motion blur) - these can be star trails, light painting, car lights on a highway, lightening storms etc

Credit is owed to amateur night-sky photographer Syed Taha of the UK for this masterpiece, taken in his back yard.

More of his photos can be found at


Is that a random choice, or do you know that’s right near me lol? :+1:

Clearly made for a long bed pickup. Still surprised it bent like that.

Just when I thought the photos of extended effect couldn’t get any more subtle than Robin Dobbie’s shoreline pic, along came Northbeard’s offering. Can’t even see his photo. Now that is subtle! :smiley:

That is only possible with modern performance photography. Incredible picture.

First time I’ve ever seen a flock of jets! :slight_smile:

All great entries as always, thanks - but it has to go to Durdle Door beach which is about 15 miles from me, Hank 33 is close behind. Take it away Robin Dobbie! :+1:

My cat’s name is not “Wrigley”…
(Bonus flashlight content visible too)

Its the cheesy but surprisingly effective device plugged into the wall outlet…. “plug-in light that turns on when power goes out”

Plug-in emergency flashlight

Yep, the pic almost looks Photoshopped, but I think it's real.

By the way, "funny pics" is so broad that I decided that I would narrow it down to just "funny animal pics."

So if I get a chance to post a third pic, it'll be of another animal.