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The ultra weird looking De'Longhi Dolce Gusto Pod coffee machine

Oh, some good - and definitely weird - ones here.

I’m picking this one from leestrong

G0OSE had me convinced that he had the winner with the V12 machine, but leestrong’s has a steampunk look to it that makes what it’s doing very clear.

Take it away, leestrong!

Thank you northbeard! :smiley:

Please share images of the cheapest / most cost cutting designs.

The Pinto

Ford could have spent a few dollars more per car to fit a guard to keep the gas tank from hitting the differential in a crash. Instead Ford decided they could save money by paying out to the families of drivers who got in gas tank fires.

Final Destination: Ford Pinto
Final Destination 2: Electric Shower Boogaloo

For the budget-conscious outdoor griller. No Webers need apply….

Got an old steelie, some wood, and a hankerin’ for ribs?

Porsche 914 Plastic Fuel Lines

For all of its sturdy German reputation, Porsche has a bit of a history cheapening out on its cars. Famously, the 914 came with plastic fuel lines to save money. The plastic would get brittle over time and crack, leaking gas right onto the engine. Not great.

You would think something as important as gas and brake lines would be made of better materials. In states that use road salt in the winter especially.

The decision to switch the Michigan city’s drinking water source to the Flint River was aimed at saving $5m.


A federal judge has given preliminary approval to a proposed $641.25-million partial settlement of civil lawsuits against the state of Michigan and other defendants for the lead poisoning of Flint's drinking water supply — in what would be the largest class-action settlement in state history.

One thing I will not cheap out is food and water. You’re the new boss RC! :person_with_crown:
Lets hope the 6 trillion dollar plan will give U.S. infrastructure the much needed upgrade.


Show me pics of things that are bad ideas.