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A lot depends on the staff. Here locally there are lots of turnover and always a shortage of potential staff. An interesting factoid. During the height of the oil boom, when anyone, and I mean anyone, who had a pulse could get a job doing something. There was about 3% - 3.5% unemployment.
And having a pulse was optional. Clearly having a brain was not.

Most of the kids working in all the chain stores are of the “I could give a damn, I can get another job this afternoon where they don’t expect me to actually – you know - work”….

Find a family run fast food place in a smaller town and the difference is dramatic. Nary a limp fry or dry burger to be found.
The fast food fries are so tasty because they add sugar to give us that special hit that addicts our brains.

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We stopped eating fast food burgers long ago. Our only chopped meat now comes from a local butcher that grinds it fresh. I used to have a Big Mac attack once a year and although it was tasty it never set well. I do have a french fry fetish I can’t break.

Yeah, I haven’t had a burger in B’harni (pbuh!) knows how long, so got (packaged) chopmeat from the local supermarket. Ground on-site, so not too bad.

Butcher would be nice, but there’s zero parking there.

You want an experience, try White Castle. Love those belly-boembs, but oh they’ll do a number on ya. :laughing:

Getting in the mood. Keep putting off the lasagna, maybe I’ll make burgers tonight…

Wow, that looks delicious. Tomorrow I’m having my first camp fire of the year. I chopped up a cherry tree that was standing dead and came down in the high winds a couple weeks back. Gonna cook some burgers and dogs over it. A few brewskies. Ah, life is good.

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Sorry, I missed the post and thank you Leestrong for the DM informing me. Lets continue the theme as its quite amusing to see someone messing up at their jobs.

Probably the most infamous recent example of a restoration gone wrong.

Whoa… Who “restored” that? Banksy?

Elderly woman who destroyed 19th-century Spanish fresco says ’I didn’t do it secretly’

Cecilia Jimenez, the 80-year-old woman who inadvertently ruined a 19th-century fresco of Jesus, says she had the priest’s permission to carry out the work.

“Everyone who came into the church could see me as I was painting,” Jimenez said. “I didn’t do anything secretly. The priest knew. How could I do something like this without permission?”

I think this may be genuine, who knows though! Should have been written in Arabic…or Arbic? lol

Who would you blame? The one who placed the order or the one who painted it?


Not quite a ‘fail’ in the traditional sense, but a good funny poke like Hank33’s above…

Damn plumbers.