Image Boss! (no politics, no sexy pics) Have fun. ❤️


and their load bearing pipes :smiley: .

Let me fix it for ya with a marker.

Congrats Racoon City you are the new Image boss, that pic made me laugh a lot.

Thanks, Souichirou!

I really need a haircut, and I plan to get one tomorrow.

I'd like to see bad haircuts.

They can be real haircuts, drawings, or even photoshopped haircuts.

Customer: You know that popular Netflix Series Queen’s Gambit?

Barber: Say no more I got you fam.

Barber : How would you like your hair cut today ?

Will Forte : Just half.

I think I've asked for pics of bad haircuts before...

It's okay, though, as the images coming in so far are quite impressive!


Barber : How would you like your hair cut today ?

Girl : * COUGH *

Barber : Say no more.

Kewl, the plasma-globe look! :laughing:


Lots of terrible haircuts to choose from.

I like this one the best, so the new Image Boss is...


I/m not sure iffn that guy is an atavist or cross-shaver or both. I guard my own three chest hairs fiercely.
How about real ppl who resemble characters in either The Addams Family or The Munsters?

The Thing.