Image Boss! (no politics, no sexy pics) Have fun. ❤️

OMG all these great pics reminds me of those lowrider cars lol. Super hard to pick a winner again. But the guy on motorcycle looks like he's having so much fun scooting here and there and everywhere but maybe not the bike?

So congrats to Lightbringer!!

Me? Ah, okay… :crown:

Kermut would be proud…

Speaking of which, being that I got frog stamps from the PO, let’s see some frawgs.

(Like, real ones, not the stuffed kind.)


This imitator of the poisonous blue frog above is less than 1 inch long.

Wallace’s flying frog

I know you said not the stuffed kind……….but, well I came across this and thought it killed 2 birds with one stone, a frog and a flashlight!

Unno, Kermut kills a lot of things. He scary…

When will these danm schools reopen?

Lake Titicaca's endangered 'scrotum frog' could be on its last legs.

Yep, but if it actually looked like a scrotum, I don't think it would be appropriate for BLF.

Heh-heh, “Titicaca”…

Essentially, “titty” + “caca”.

I feel so grade-school… :laughing:

Damn, this wasn’t just flip a coin, but more like roll the dice. So many good’uns, especially Smurf Frawg above, Half-Smurf Frawg, Jabba The Frawg, Darth Frawg, Big Mouf Frawg, HypnoFrawg, etc. So close…

It literally almost got to the point of visiting to pick one.

Anyhoo, blue’s pretty, so let’s go with NB’s Smurf Frawg.

You da new Image King. :crown:

Thanks kindly!

Maybe keeping colourful, show me feathers - whether on birds or part of costumes, whatever.