Imageshack probs....

I’ve just noticed that has changed and now wont play nicely with my kindle :frowning:

Oh well, I guess thats progress……

Same thing happened to photo bucket and others. Progress...

If it aint broke, dont fix it!

Yes, I cant post pictures from Photobucket here…what am I doing wrong?

Domain Name: $8.95 a year
Cheap 6 core server: $500
Apache (WAMP) Install: 5 minutes
Router Port Forward: 1 minute (including router reboot)

Not having to deal with an image hosting company: Priceless

I have an ipad and I upload pictures via browser, that works perfect.
I get the link through the skypath app, just a long click on a picture and the direct link is copied to clipboard.
I also have imageshack on my android phone so I can share a picture direct to imageshack, works perfect.

Upload via app doesn’t work and getting the link via homepage is a hassle too.