Imalent DN70 - Aliens tracked me [Vid review]

I love this light, Imalent if you make a XHP70.2 version can we have 500 lumens more, a moonlight mode and buttons that are easier to locate in the dark! Maybe something like the Lumintop 007 button.

saw this on youtube already, good video!

Thanks. It’s a great light, I got it on offer last year for the same price as an Emisar D4 (cheaper if you consider it ships with a pricey 26650) and tbh the DN70 is more practical as it holds Turbo longer, has USB charging and longer runtimes. I was gobsmacked it measured brighter than the Olight R50, Klarus G20, DQG Tiny 3th, and Acebeam EC50 II with a shaved dome!!!

I always thought this light would look great and be more practical if it had two round metal illuminated switches like on a Thrunite. These two switches would be on the same spot as the current switches.

It needs switches like on the Lumintop Torpedo 007, with the Tritium vial encased in it. Or metal raised button, press both for quick lockout.