Imalent DT70 battery contact problem

My question is why does Imalent have more problems with their products than most other flashlight companies? My experience with them hasn’t been good.

Very little testing and puzzling what works and what doesn’t? Produce as fast as possible to reduce cost?


Some time ago there were rumors about a 16000 lumen Noctigon powered by 8x18650 cells. Hank Wang said that hopefully it will see daylight before Christmas 2016. A couple of months ago he mentioned that the design was more difficult than anticipated, so there is going to be a delay. I haven’t read anything about it since then… Basically a good design needs time, and time is money.

I think they try to be fancy to stand out from the crowd and somehow get the basics wrong.

They have design flaws all over. The 4 new lights are said to have very hard to find buttons in the dark, the drivers are flaky and the DT series have these disc springs. Maybe they rush things to market. Maybe they test a little and know the faults, but think it costs too much to fix it, so just sell it like it is.

Some of this could be forgiven if the company took care of their customers, but they dont. They try to ignore them. That’s the worst part.

I wanted a DN70 real bad, but it’s a crap shoot if I’ll get a good one or a bad one. If the good one goes out later, I’m still screwed. I just don’t buy from Imalent. Luckily there are lots of flashlight companies.

I was considering a DT70, but looks like I should wait for the bigger brand names.

How about Acebeam X45?

I personally haven’t had one of their lights yet; thought about the K70 a while back but saw some reports/videos of smoke building up inside the head.

Imalent- young company, good products, rushing on the marker: voila, there we go, many minor( sometimes major) mistakes.
Exacly like Manker - its only Manker products arent even inovative, yet Imalent`s are

Really makes me want to Frankenstein a bunch of companies into one…

Got screwed once with Imalent. Never again. Never owned a Manker.

One of my DN35'S had the same issue. Even though it is a 26650 cell, the spring needed just maybe to be 1mm taller.

I took my spring out. Set of needle nose pliers and it popped right out. It was held in place by nothing but it's own diameter. No glue or solder. Really hard to press back in but I got it done

What worked on just that light was screwing the head on as tight as I possibly could by hand. No problems after that.

Not sure that will help here. DN35'S and 70's oy have a single 26650 cell. You have 4 18650's so it could make the other 3 fit too tight.

I sent all of my video and information to Imalent. I was thanked, and told they would look into it.

Wish I could help more.

imalent, what junk…
hear nothing but bad reports on these
and NO customer support
they should be sued and shut down

I have two sitting about 3 feet from me the DN70 and 35 ad both are working perfectly. It is a newer company so that could all change at any moment, but I have had the 35 for a couple of months now and the 70 for about a month no problems.

I have had 2 Streamlight Stingers in the last 6 months and both died when they were dropped about 3 feet for the first one during a hunt, and the other was dropped while it was still in the shipping carton so no way to say for sure if it was D.O.A. or when it was dropped here.

Then on the flip side of those I have an old original Ultrafire sk68 that has been beat, dropped, kicked, stepped on and 2 years later it still works every time I reach for it.

I am not outright defending Imalent. I am saying that when I contacted them directly it did take a few days to get a reply but I had no problem with their support.

Any light can have an issue and almost all rate their lumen count far above anything realistic.

I wish they would offer to send replacement parts to customers that have warranty issues and the knowledge to fix it themselves. Currently they want people to ship their light back to China at roughly $50 one way with no insurance.

I was thinking about rolling the dice on a DN70 and hoping I got a good one, but I’m not really a gambler.

I did tell them up front that me shipping anything to China was out of the question. I asked if they had any dealer in the states at all that I could maybe order parts or even ship it to them if I had to.

Got it worked out before any of it came to that.

Honestly though it kind of surprised me when they agreed to start including a spare USB cover. I figured well that is a start.

If the light is bad when it arrives the issue should be resolved with the retailer, not the manufacturer. One must check the retailer policy to see if the return cost is up to them or to the buyer.

It seems that what’s specific to Imalent is that they don’t sell parts. Warranty is always a risk when buying from abroad, be it from China or the US. Even if the manufacturer does the repair without cost, the return and send back often have to be paid by the client. We’re quite used to this in Brazil…

I got a dt70 and my battery holder has 4 large springs. I also have the older version that has the weird looking things that act as spring.
Although they fixes this issue, the springs are very stiff and makes screwing the head quite tight. The older ‘spring’ made a much smoother screw motion of the head into the battery compartment.

Any chance you can place a picture? It does sound like you can run the light now with any unprotected raised top/button top cells though.

I am thinking of getting this light too, still too many battery problem. I just hoped that they indeed change the spring into more traditional one.

maybe solder each spring to the battery negative itself that should be easier to do :slight_smile:


Here is my spring loaded version. The only issue is that it does not lockout with a spin of the battery compartment like the non spring version. Also the springs are tight, so the rotation of the battery to the head is not as smooth.