Imalent DX80 Video Review. Beamshots, runtimes, and more.

Hey BLF, here is my video review of the Imalent DX80. In the video I compare it to the Acebeam X80, the Imalent DT70, the X45, the Nitecore TM16GT and a few more. Heck, even the BLF Q8 even shows up. The DX80 while it’s big it does step down fast- 32000 lumens generates a lot of heat. Anyway I go over all the details, complete with bad jokes. Also one thing to note that I didn’t in the review… the switch is a little hard to find in the dark. I was using it tonight and had to turn it on in the pitch black, and it took me way too long to locate the switch. Alright, enough talking because there’s plenty of that in the review. Gear Best provided this for review.

Thanks for you videos. Always enjoy them.

another great review! Thanks for your time and effort and of course, your jokes!

Thanks man, your reviews are great.

Watched it already!

No dogs or spiders, still a very nice review! :slight_smile: :+1:

:+1: :+1:

Thanks guys! No spiders, but the horrible jokes are still there!

Thanks for the detailed and entertaining review .

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I think it’s getting close to my bi-yearly cut.