IMALENT new model, make a guess to get reward!

1050 lumens
Fancy switch like the others
Never reviewed just comments

1. there are no “rechargeable flashlights” only rechargeable batteries, you probably wanted to ask if the battery can be recharged while it is in the particular flashlight from your pictures, answer is YES.
2. battery kind -> lithium ion, if you asked about the size, then 1x18650 and probably 2xCR123
3. Cree XM-L2
4. 1600 chinese lumens :smiley: just kidding, 800-900 lumens would be realistic assumption
5. Look like the tailcap switch has an extra short activation travel, maybe it even rotates to change modes!
6. I have done several reviews, for videos I do not have proper camera but that is going to change very soon thanks to GB :wink: I can send you some links if you wish!

1. If the flashlight is rechargeable or un-rechargeable?

  • chargeable via USB

2. What kind of battery does it use?

  • single 18650 / 2 CR123

3. What kind of LED does it use?

  • Cree XM-L2 (the magnification has a weird square over the die maybe XPL Hi)

4. What would be the lumen output?

  • between 950 to 1150 Lumens

5. What features would this flashlight have, as you know IMALENT flashlights always have innovative feature for each flashlight?

  • stepless dimming / e-switch / modes programable via USB :wink:

6. If you can do flashlight reviews or you have time to take some good pictures or videos, let us know several of your history reviews or videos, you will have priority to get the chance.

  • i sent you a PM with a list….

thanks for the chance to participate!

So the “game” is just interviewing potential reviewers?
Will any inexperienced reviewer or those not interested in doing a review even be considered?
Will the winners be randomly selected? If, in the end, no people who are not interested in doing a review “win” then this does not belong in Giveaways and Contests.
Please move this thread to ” Commercial Sellers’ Spot.“: ”How to move a thread.“: Read the ”Commercial Sellers Rules.“:

Giving out flashlights in exchange for a review is not a completely free giveaway.

While I’m posting, here is my entry for the “game”.

1. USB rechargeable.

2. Single 18650.

3. CREE XM-L2.

4. 900 - 1100 lumen

5. dimming by tailcap dial, led tail, usb programing

6. Yes, I can take some nice pictures.

I'm not interested in doing a review either, just playing the game for getting a free flashlight ;)

I can take some pics though, if I still have my camera equipment when I have moved back.

I see a trit in the tail cap, I decidate this find to credit mhanlen and besides who else makes mini movies about your product?

1. If the flashlight is rechargeable or un-rechargeable? Rechargeable

2. What kind of battery does it use? 18650

3. What kind of LED does it use? Cree XML-2

4. What would be the lumen output? 900-1000

5. What features would this flashlight have, as you know IMALENT flashlights always have innovative feature for each flashlight? *_Possibly rotary dial for brightness and maybe a thumb print reader (you said innovative) :slight_smile:

6. No reviews yet but I would be happy to do one. I love flashlights in this form/shape.

2.single 18650 battery
4.1000 lumens (more or less)
5.rotateable tail switch (like nitecore p36)
6.i never review a flashlight before.




1050 lumens

electronic touch switch (ala DDT40) in tail with rotating tail and fully variable output.

1. rechargeable
2. 18650
3. Cree XM-L2
4. 1000 lm
5. Rotary brightness control
6. No

Hello, Halo,

Review is not a must, even you have the ability to do review, but if you don’t want and you are the lucky one we chose, this is also ok for us.

Therefore, this is a totally game, but also a way for us to know more people who have review experience and we do hope the lucky ones can share our new models with their friends with pictures or videos, but again, this is not a must. Just do as you wish.

Thanks for your advice and support on our activity.

Best regards,

Check the following pictures and answer questions:

1. Rechargeable

2. li ion, likely 18650

3. Cree, looks like XM-L2

4. According to the datasheet the U3 chip can output 1040 lumens at 3A/85ºC junction temp (use a direct thermal path mcpcb for an extra 100 lumens) , minus reflector, lens and bezel losses

5. Adjustable brightness

6. Not interested

The flashlight in the pictures, IMALENT new model.

Thanks for your details.


1. MicroUSB rechargeable
2. Battery: 18650
3. LED: XM-L2
4. Output Claimed: 1200 lumen approximately
5. Touch button, and wheel selction for modes

1. Micro USB rechargeable
2. Single 18650 battery
3. Cree XML-2
4. 950 lumens
5. Forward clicky, water proof, rotating switch for different output modes, voltage check, multi strobes with extra everything and cream
6. I own a camera


  1. Rechargeable
  2. Lithium Ion: 1 X 18650/2 X 16340
    3.Cree XML-2
  3. 1050 lumens
  4. waterproof, tail ring for infinite output adjustment, auto on mode.
  5. No reviews.

1. USB rechargeable
2. 18650
3. XM-L2 U2
4. 1100 lumens
5. Forward switch with rotary mode selector wheel.
6. Can take picture and beamshots


We still have 5 days left. Make your guess here to take your chance. :slight_smile:

Best regards,

1. Rechargeable through the microUSB port hidden by a rubber cover on the tailside.
2. 1x18650, 2xCR123
3. XM-L2/XP-L
4. 1111 lumens
5. Capacitive touch switch, rotary mode/brightness change knob, battery indicator/location beacon in the tailcap, remote control via bluetooth. Oh, and a slot for a clip (clip not included).
6. I’ve done some reviews a while ago, got a better camera since. 1, 2, 3, 4

WOW!! I like the usb charge-ability! All flashlights should have usb charging function!

I promise to do a extensive review if I win one!


2.18650 LI-ION

3.CREE LED XML2 or XP-L (I can not see very well the photo showing the led XP)



6. YES. I HAVE DONE SEVERAL ( and now I have a better camera, so I can take better photos!) I.e

Hope to win!. Thanks!!!