IMALENT R60C lanyard mounting

Hi All,

If somebody has an idea for mounting a lanyard on Imalent R60C don’t hesitate, please explain it to me.
I am always afraid of that, the lamp slipping out of my hands when I’m in the forest.
The lamp is not too long for my hands.

Thank you in advance.

I had a similar issue with the Imalent RT90, which is even shorter. I wrapped the body tube with patacord and left a bit on the end as a lanyard. Makes it much easier to grip too.

Hi, thank you for your reply,
It’s a good idea, but unfortunately, I have not familiar with wrapping it with paracord.
Currently, I put around the end of the handle(body tube) a black insulating tape, to prevent the scratches because I used “”worm drive clamp”:” to fix a paracord lanyard.
It is not a nice solution,(a bit rude) but I got the result that I desired. except for that thing, the screw part is a bit irritating my hand.