IMR 16340 battery question

I need 6 rcr123a or 6 IMR 16340’s to run a Foursevens Maelstrom S18 I just picked up for $60. I think I would like to run AW’s but I just want to find a good deal on rechargeables but I need very good batteries. Does anyone know of any good deals on AW’s or any other top brands right now. Since the S18 has a strobe function to make the user aware of low voltage, I think I would like to run IMR’s. Thanks in advance guys, I do appreciate any help and advice.

I’m still using AW black protected ICR 16340s in some lower drain lights (SB I-Mini and SWM M11R) and I use AW red IMR 16340s in my SWM V11R and ET D25C Ti. clicky, which hit a little bit harder.

I’ve used Soshine and Kinoko ICR/IMRs and for my next batch, I’m only going with AW.

The Soshines were spotty at best, with one just self-discharging itself to death after only 8 weeks and the Kinoko IMRs have only lasted a year, to the same point that the AWs are after 3 years.

Andrew does a good job culling out the dreck when it comes to 16340s.


Another option besides AW is Efest imr 16340s, they have given me pretty good performance and still going strong 1.5 yrs.
You can get them from for $3.95
They have button top and are identical in size to my regular CR123 so should fit any CR123 light if it can handle it.

I’ve also had Kinoko IMRs and they didn’t last long too.