In seach of an Australian tester

Well, some of us know about the current XPG2 upgrade and since the Cutter guy mentioned he has several S4 binned reets i ( we) need an Aus guy to buy a piece of each S4 binned emitter and evaluate it: i will cover the cost for that ofc

1D S4 Reel date NOV 2015

2B S4 Reel date AUG 2015

2C S4 Reel date AUG 2015

Those we need to be tested, i could by those myself but the shipping is quite high…if they are good ( non improoved ones) we could order a reet or something

How do we test them?

You could buy and send it to us. We can forward it onto you at the cheapest postage cost. I imagine that 3 emitters will easily fit into a simple envelope and we could post it standard or express even at quite low cost.

MRsDNF was so kind to help me, when i get them will post results ofc

Very simple.

Just take macro shot

This is the difference:

Good old G2 S4 2B

New production type xpg2s42b

This thread

And how can we order from cutter if these are good ?
I contacted several times welight to give me a shipping quote , without success (cutter shows 35$ shipping to GR)….

Welight seems not responding to EU guys.

I also asked without luck…

Abnormal shipping cost are really not normal :slight_smile:

Well….i intend to buy a whole reet if they are good, if he doesnt respont it would be wierd.
Or i will PP an Aus guy to buy them for me

If there is a will, there is always a way :slight_smile:

Believe me thats maybe the only option atm, i tried Digikey( got a friend in there ), tried all Mouser emitters too, Farnell ….i realy do miss my XPG C8s, X6s and B158s

Mitko there are few of us in a game…

We can buy whatever we want (or you can buy for example and deal to Europe).

But there is obviously no goods.

Set up a group buy from a distributor? It would be cheaper?

Very interested in a few of these.

i dont throw too much hope in this indever, even FT XPG2 s2 orders came ” improoved” now so …