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@ everyone

I really don’t like liking things on Facebook either, and my friends must think I am weird because I don’t go on there for ages and ignore all their messages then it looks like I randomly sign in like a flashlight or some odd company. And more than likely they will check what I liked.

But thats a form of advertising, if they didn’t do that then they would have no incentive to give something away for free.

Like on the radio when they are pulling people over and giving away $500 a day to people with the stations bumper sticker, they aren’t going to pull over someone without it and give them money for nothing. Its a similar form of advertising.

If you don’t have Facebook you can make a account for competitions only, you don’t even have to use your real name. Even if you don’t have any friends you aren’t doing any favors to the companies giving you the chance for free products but I doubt they are going to deny you if you win.

These threads all turn into “I don’t like Facebook” and “its not fair” threads. Its not a free raffle, its a chance to win something in return for promoting their business (actually I suppose that is still free).

I’m not trying to stir anyone up, just pointing out what might not be obvious to some.

Good luck to everyone who enters.

Looking up the thread, looks like I’m like +#6 or so of people who’ve posted they’re not into using that platform.

Same here. Although I don’t “hate” Facebook, I just find it a terrible distraction. Besides, I could use the time more meaningfully to surf sites like BLF ! :smiley:
Really nice-looking flashlight though…

Done, thanks!

also wondering about those of us that liked it a long time ago…

As of yet, I don't think anyone has said "it's not fair...". Indeed it is an extremely nice gesture for a good looking light. (You're right though...I think it has happened in the past, just not yet ).

Also, some may find the prospect of making up a dummy FB account just to circumvent giveaway rules a little amoral. Jake's contest and give away, Jake's rules...

Nothing will happen to this who Liked in the past, if you’re liked you’re liked. Unless you unliked

Liked :bigsmile:

never unlike!

Can’t wait to see the video with the Shadow JM26 comparison.

Good point - seems there has been plenty of that going on by a variety of sources to scam others.

Hm yeah I didn’t think of that, someone could make dozens of accounts.

yeah very possible…I have 2 fb accounts from my old mafia wars days that I used to get collections, gifts etc…never use the account anymore but would never take advantage of someone generosity and kindness like that…sadly not everyone has morals these days…

Well I liked it.

Liked a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... ;) :evil:

I’m in! Would you mind posting some Beamshots?

already liked, your fb page is nice:) and that light? drool :heart_eyes:


I’m elliot lyonn on FB

Anyone thinking about de-doming one of these? muahaha!

Liked yesterday. Kelly