In Storage-Right Where it Belongs.

About 3 years ago or so after just getting the Efest LUC V4, I noticed how long the last phase took and the length of time to terminate the charge, resulting in way too long of a time for the battery to be charged. I noticed this on all the batteries I used in it. So I decided to do my first comparison test.

I noticed that with the same battery, same exact starting voltage that the LUC V4 took Longer to charge a 26650 at 2 amps than the Fenix ARE-C2 at 1 Amp. }D

I know there are different ways these chargers terminate the charge, but I was still baffled and put the LUC V4 in storage for emergency use only.

Time is of the essence! Hey, 5, 10 15 minutes difference is no big deal. But that was far from the case today when I took the LUC V4 out of storage to compare it to the Folomov A4.

Again, using the exact same battery[Aspire 26650] with a start to charge voltage of 3.80V and charging them at 2 amps. The Folomov charged in 51 minutes and the voltage taken immediately after termination was 4.21V. Very satisfied with that.

My Opus BT-C3100 is also very consistent and expedient.

The Efest LUC V4 on the other hand was still trying to terminate after 3 hours when I stopped the test. The voltage was 4.17 when I took it off of the charger. Now, I am sure it was probably at or near that voltage for an hour, maybe 90 minutes? I do not know about you, I like a charger that is rather expedient and the ending voltage is at least 4.18v for new batteries.

I also know that battery chemistry, type of charger has a bearing on all the numbers.

It is nice that we have choices and it is nice to have chargers that do no struggle to terminate the voltage. Sure, when I saw the LUC V4 charger at 4.18V for close to an hour, it is a clue that it will not go much higher if any and just take it off.To me it is a waste of time waiting and wondering. Reality is chargers like Folomov and others that are newer technology are more versatile which I like also. 4 X 2Amp or 2X 3AMP and 2 X 1 amp[total 8 amps]. Of course there are some that can do 4 X 3 amp.

Anyway, a little bored so I thought I would share this, knowing that most people may know this and the posts are probably going to be overwhelming. 8^)

Where did tatasal go?! Your post is now gone.

The answer is it does Not have auto. A switch for .5a/1a/2a

After re-reading your op, that post was not applicable, but here’s another one:

Does the Efest behave like that on all its bays? On all your cells?

It charges 2A in bays 2 and 4.

In general, regardless of cell or bay it takes longer than any charger I have to terminate the charge. Some cells take longer than others[as they do in any charger] when they are old and the resistance is high. The cell I used today, the Aspire 26650 is only 6 months old. A huge difference of 51 minutes for Fomolov and the Efest could not finish after 3 hours!

That is the best answer I can give since besides today I have not used it in a few years . The reason I stopped is because of results like today.

I’m a bit confused by this.

Do you mean the Efest charger will only charge at 2a max only in bay 2 and 4?

Yes. It is 4 or 5 year old technology.

Oh, after re-re-re-reading your op, there’s a distinct possibility your LUC4 is misbehaving already.

Sorry for that… :beer:

No worries. Grateful for my other chargers that are consistent in all aspects.

I would sell it but who would want it and shipping would cost half its value,which was lost by my thread! :sunglasses: :beer:

First I need to make a correction. The Efest LUC V4 can charge at 2 amps in slots 2 and 3 NOT 2 and 4.

I did another test with a Molicel P42A that I bought on June 4,2020. Basically Brand new. I even gave the LUC V4 a little advantage[Higher starting voltage]. This time I put the battery in slot Three instead of slot Two.

Both were charged at 2 Amps.

Starting voltage was 3.72v and it took 1H 40Min. Came out at 4.17V.

The Folomov with P42A went in at 3.66v, took 1H 12Min and came out at 4.19V.

So the FOLOMOV was 28 minutes faster and had to charge 0.06v more.

Not as drastic as a difference as first test in Slot Two w/ Aspire 26650. It appears that Slot Two has a bigger issue than slot Three. Overall the Efest is just slower. That is why I do not use it.

wonder what the efests termination current is?
ending at 4.17 is fine.
better than high.
some faster chargers terminate at a higher current.
so your efest might be the better unit.
i would have to test myself to be sure.
i just wouldn’t worry about it.