Incoming Vapcell items...waiting while in quarantine... What have you coming too? Finally arrived (post 12)

For lack of any anything to do while domestic flights to my city are not yet allowed (though international flights from China is still a go) and also while in community quarantine, my friends (Neal of nealsgadgets and Eva/Dennis of Vapcell) in China sent me this photos of my Vapcell items stuck in China before the virus thing, and now which they say they have found a way to ship lilo cells from China to mine, and now already packed:
Store link: Vapcell Aliexpress

HKJ’s review of the Vapcell YR1030 IR four-prong tester: Vapcell YR1030 Insternal Resistance Tester

Btw, the squarish battery-pack with 4 green batteries around the housing are not from Vapcell but it’s for my Laser Land Leveler transmitter’s battery-pack.

What have you got coming while in quarantine haha….

Very good tester :+1:

Well, once Vapcell H10 14500 are out of stock, I decided to invest in some 18650 cells on other AliExpress store. Bought them during last night and today they were shipped :wink:

Also, I ordered some stuff from Simon for some mods.

Hope it doesn’t take an eternity…I don’t have materials for mods anymore and the quarantine seems long :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a emisar d4v2 Ti sst 20 4000k, 4 samsung 30Q batts, 2 samsung 40t batts, and a sofirn C8G on the way

I’m waiting on a pair of 16340s that got delayed. A while back I ordered an M2 from Simon, but that’s already here.

Waiting for darkness!

Got the X65 MINI today. :smiley:

- FF ROT66 Gen II raw Al SST20 4000K from BG

- Meote Black/Cu SST20 4000K from BG

  • A203 copper AAA light from AE
    plus quite a few other things from AE still en route.

Last week i received a set of CR2032 coin cells i ordered March 3 from FT… so parcels at least small envelops seems to still be going through.

Not much of a quarantine here. I mean we all are a bit more careful with where we go and what we do but, we are in no way locked in our houses. No madness in the streets or anything remotely similar around here. We still shop at all the local stores and eateries. It’s just now all curb side or delivery.

Got some Vapcell 16340’s, 18350’s, and 14500’s on the way. Got a Spyderco in the mail yesterday. Enogear AA’s showed up as well. Pre-ordered that Meote, I think thats how you spell it, it looks cool. Got a Acebeam TK something coming. That the post office decided needed to go to my city, leave my city and go 300 miles in another direction, come back to my city again and maybe make it to me sometime soon. That Acebeam is out on vacation while I’m working like a dog. No more vacations for it when it gets here. :smiley:

The tracking on my S2 charger shows it’s in Toronto . Will soon be able to charge my 18350’s and test my D4V2 with the short tube ( especially the blue swirls one coming soon ) .

Wuben e05 from Neal
Nightwatch NI40 SBT 90.2 from Neal
Manker u22 II and Armytek Tiara C1 Pro (Warm) from MPower HK (eBay)
Golisi S43 26650 40mAh x2 -also ebay
Manker e05 from Heinnie Haynes UK
Acebeam E10 (white beam) and Fitorch 26350 UC20R from Battery Junction (hope these 26350’s will be okay - will try to buy the Imalent ones soon)

Some of the above is definitely a product of too many hours in front of a screen while on lockdown, but I am super excited to try the NI40 SBT 90.2 and the Acebeam E10. Whenever they might arrive…?!

If I could emitter swap my E05 id be one happy camper. Its a great, well made light with some UI quirks, but I wish it was a bit warmer.

I have DC-Fix + Minus Green sheets, an LT1, a Tint swirl D18, and some spare parts to repair a D4S in the mail.

Recently picked up a MiBoxer C4-12, 4x Vapcell 26650 5300mah, 2x Vapcell 14500 1000mah 3A, and 7x button top Samsung 30Q (3 of which im investigating. Same trusted vendor, different lot numbers, one lot has strange line 1 markings)

Tempted by the Acebeam X45, but I think I want to buy a new camera lens first.

After nearly 4 months of airshipping cancellations due to lilo air restrictions, I was able to find a new shipper, and as the term says, SHIPper, meaning he ships by ship! Well, better than none at all….so here they are:
Vapcell Aliexpress

The Vapcell YR1030 Internal Resistance tester with two-point prongs:

Shrink-wrapped anti-short protective covers: ——————————————— “Scratch Me” Vapcell authenticity checker stickers:


Vapcell YR1030 added to wish list :innocent:

Testing my brand-new, as-they-arrived and unused Vapcells using Vapcell YR1030 IR tester:

I believe the original manufacturer is Yaorea (YR).

YR1030 is an earlier model, but still good.

There’s now also:
YR1035+ = this seems to be the latest model

YR1030 & YR1030+ use the same “USB” connector for the probe (uses a LiPo pouch battery internally)

YR1035 & YR1035+ use a connector (looks a bit similar to “BNC” connectors), I believe these 2 are very similar: the YR10350 uses a built-in 18350 battery whereas the YR1035+ uses an 18650 built-in battery.

YR1035/1035+ has a bit more decimal places for voltage measurement compared to the YR1030/YR1030. Also, YR1035/1035 rating is up to DC 100v (YR1030/YR1030+ rating up to DC28-30v, IIRC).

Here we go with my Vapcell YR1030 specs and innards: (btw, it uses a single 18650 cell as power source, not a LiPo pouch battery)

Must have updated the newer batch of YR1030…

Mine looks more similar to the YR1030 reviewed by HKJ.

My YR1030 was purchased later part of 2018. Its battery drains fairly quickly now (li-po pouch battery)…

Good the new YR1030 now uses 18650 battery. (I thought only the new YR1035+ uses 18650… so it looks like the updated YR1030 now also uses 18650)

Yes, the Vapcell YR1030 version use the 18650 cell which are readily available and can be easily replaced and so far no parasitic drain after several months in my possession as shown in its ‘battery’ condition animation.