Info about this zooming (smilling shark ss-a1100)

Sadly DX hasn´t added pictures showing the LED, so I should trust on specifications and beleive it really has XML led...

OK I know that xml on zooming lights is not very good. But...

Anyone knows the diammeter of the lens?

That plastic sleeve is because it can fit a 3xaaa carrier or a 26650?

Any review or photos elsewhere?


See some info I placed in this post...sorry no review yet...

I like it...... between the Tank 736 Q5 and this SS-A100 -they are my favorite "cheap" zoomies

Also an extract form a messege...

Hi Garry

All those are good questions; to be honest I don’t know if I can recommend the “best” solution for you but maybe some “look and sees”.

About the SS-A100 -I would certainly give it a go to see, at only $21 form Kaidomain (and lately pretty fast shipping) you are not out a lot to check it out, if anything you will have a good backup light, I do get 3.5 hours on high –likely more than double that on medium….

Where the SS-A100 has a big advantage is it has a much more massive wide flood than anything I have… and a good descent hot spot on focused zoom, (and the ability to vary what you want between those extremes)… so on the close up “reading” light and activity light for around your personal activity space… probably the best bet… but again.. Probably something to try out.

I do not know what the run time is on aaa but will give it a go and let you know, my recommendation –just use the Xtar 18700’s, ($13/pair -$17 WP2II Charger... email me for a link if you like) great capacity, easy to carry (and not loose) and very safe.… the light is just as bright with the aaa however and it is nice to know if you need to –you can use them..

This light (SMALL SUN ZY-C10-S) does NOT unfortunatly have the ability to use aaa –I have two on order to check out… for your scenario… sure seems like it may be a better application for you… especially if you want to shoot that hotspot down to a reflector 800’ away, nice tight hotspot with little residual flood and of course you can zoom out wider flood for corridor walking. It is too bad on this light that it does not seem to take advantage of a good MAXIMUNM Flood though, (you just can’t get the lens real close to the led) it acts as a tighter zoom AND a tighter flood as well, where the SS-A100 has wall to wall flood and the ability to zoom down to a hot spot about 4xs the size of this. Nice thing here too… only $15 and run time is good too.

If you want a small pocket –“backup light” (I Know you did not ask about his –but hey… I impressed by it) - For me the smallest best all-around light that will give me about 3-4 hours run on high would be the Tank007 736 ($20) –uses an 18700 and is a great solid little light, the kind of thing you would not even bring a change of battery for… it is small enough to just bring a second flashlight (as your batter backup). It will likely hit that 800’ mark in an underground scenario you are shooting for without drowning out what you are looking at down range, and then can be zoomed out for walking the corridors.

I have the KD C8 –it could be a possibility as well, but it seems (although I do not “know) like in your scenario you would want a Flood OR a zoom… but not BOTH at once… This is where a zoomie aspheric would work better than just a good reflector light.

It will be interesting to see how this light stacks up to some of these requirements as well?

Yeah, I am curious about that FandyFire HD2010 as well. I'm just going to have to order one of those SS-A100's. Sounds really versatile.
I do have 18650's (Trustfire Flames 2400mAh, and Tenergy 2600mAh's) and an Ultrafire WF-188 charger so I can charge virtually any cell. These are my own. Once I find a light for at work I'll order them cells and a charger. I do have a KD C8 as well as a Palight C8 R5 (XP-G). I bought the Palight to try out an XP-G to get the throw at lower current without "wasting" current on flood like I believe the XM-L does. I was thinking the XP-G is better suited for what I'm aiming for, until I considered zoomies.

Any idea if a "zooming" XM-L like the SS-A100 throws further than say a KD C8? I'm wondering if the zooming ability concentrates the light for better throw.

Thanks for your input,

If you have the KD C8 –then I can explain the SS-A100 to you this way…

The C8 for me has 3 circles in the beam pattern… a decent size flood…that is a circle about 5’ wide at 5’ out… then a brighter center circle about 2’ in diameter and then the hot spot about 6” wide dead center…

So compared to C8… the SS-A100 IN FLOOD…has about a 8’ or 9’ circle at 5’ out at about the same brightness as the outer circle of the C8… so a bigger circle about the same brightness on flood… BUT with no other center beam brighter circles that the C8 has… just even brightness spread over the circle…then in ZOOM mode –no big circle at all, just a focus square beam about 8” at 5’ out… but I would say is brighter than the center spot of the C8…

Make sense at all?

I think if you have the C8 –and it seems to work OK.. but could be better… then the SS-A100 is worth a look… BUT even with that said.. for me I still want something more than the SS-A100 for what I want… it is good but could be better

There are a few two lens models I have seem start to make their way onto market (but only for the 18650)… interesting to see how these will pan out too…

Oh! thanks but I am still trying to get some photos of the pill

Down in the post there is a picture of the pill with the parts...

It has a 29mm lens that it makes full use of and it can not use the 26650...

How come this DX version doesn't show a 3AAA carrier like the KD version here: I'd order the KD version. The DX version also says "Digital Regulated 300mA Current Output" and "Brightness 100LM". Way off if it's the same as the KD!